The giant gingerbread Big Ben at Holkham Hall Christmas showcase

gingerbread Big Ben Holkham Hall Christmas showcase-3
The world-famous Big Ben clock tower, designed by Sir Charles Barry, has been recreated as a giant gingerbread Christmas centerpiece featuring kilos of edible treats. The baked festive homage to the 19th Century tower features as part of the Christmas attractions at Holkham Hall in north Norfolk. Created by award-winning baker Emma Thorburn, it stands at 5ft 4in tall (1.6m) and features 12kg (26lbs) of colored sugar paste, 1,400 gilded gingerbread men and thousands of cake sprinkles. Twelve ...  View More
December 19, 2016 Jason

“Pimp my beard”: The new Beard-Christmas-Lights trend from london

Beard Christmas Lights-9
A new trend has hit the beard scene and it’s about to light up this festive season in a big and very literal way. Twinkling fairy lights are the latest addition to the ever-burgeoning list of ways to bedazzle one’s beard. London bearded hipsters can have a go at embellishing their whiskers with lights at a beard grooming stall at East Village E20’s Christmas market in east London with one-off beard decorating sessions and stylist consultations. A sure way to really stand out from the crowd ...  View More
December 7, 2016 Michael

“Pizz-Art”: Domino’s UK adds Pizza to famous Italian paintings

Domino masterpizza Italian paintings
To celebrate the launch of the new "Italiano" collection of 5 authentically Italian, freshly handmade pizzas, Domino’s UK has teamed with China Jordan, a Renaissance-style artist to turn great Italian masterpieces into "masterpizzas". It took the artist 16 weeks to recreate some of the world’s most famous paintings including the Mona Lisa eating a pizza and the cherubs pondering a slice in the Sistine Madonna. These masterpizzas are now on display at pizz-art galleries, aka Domino’s ...  View More
December 6, 2016 Megan

Realistic color pencil portraits by British artist Sophie Edwards

Sophie Edwards realistic color pencil portrait-7
Sophie Edwards is a British portrait artist living in Derby, England. She specializes in creating realistic portrait from your chosen photographs. She only uses color pencils to create magnificent and realistic drawings. She has been using color pencils since she was little and they have always been her favorite. You can see more of her art on her Instagram account. If you want Sophie to draw your portrait or maybe you want to offer someone a portrait based on a photo for Christmas, you can ...  View More
December 5, 2016 Megan

“Sleeping Beauty syndrome”: Beth Goodier, 22, can sleep for months

Beth Goodier Sleeping Beauty Kleine-Levin syndrome-9
Beth Goodier, 22-year-old, is literally one in a million. She has the extremely rare Kleine-Levin Syndrome. She was diagnosed in 2011 after she fell asleep and didn't wake up "properly" for months. Since then, she has spent the past five years living at home with her mom in Stockport, England, only waking sparingly during months-long episodes. "It breaks my heart to see the best years of her life slipping away" her mom Janine told the Daily Mail. She also said Goodier tries to maintain normalcy ...  View More
December 4, 2016 Megan

London Nincomsoup Cafe employee adds swastika to “Nutzy Smoothie”

Nincomsoup swastika Nutzy Smoothie-4
A woman who lost her family to the Nazi regime has told how she was left shaken and "almost in tears" after a London cafe tried to justify selling a “Nutzy” smoothie which had a swastika on the label. The drink was sold at Nincomsoup, inside the Old Street tube station, until the woman confronted staff and complained to the Campaign Against Antisemitism. The unnamed customer revealed her encounter with cafe staff over the drink. Barista John Jordan, who designed the smoothie refused to ...  View More
November 30, 2016 Joshua

Hand-knitted wool thigh-high stockings by FootFetishSocks on Etsy

Hand-knitted stockings FootFetishSocks-10
UK-based Charmaine Diepgrond is a textile artist and the creative force behind Etsy shop FootFetishSocks. She studied fine art and is a multi-talented creative. She makes all her socks and garters by hand and is also the shop's photographer. "I have been knitting for as long as I can remember. I love yarns. And I confess that I find knitting very therapeutic." All stockings are hand-cranked on a vintage sock machine. What goes into making a single pair of stockings? "The right types of yarn is ...  View More
November 23, 2016 Jason

British Army apologizes for blackface tweet “sense of humor”.

The UK Ministry of Defence was accused of racism after a bizarre photo was posted on the Army's Twitter feed. The tweet showed a soldier in a jungle with black paint covering his face. The image was accompanied by the message: 'Being a #soldier in the jungle requires a robust sense of humour'. The tweet was later taken down. But the picture sparked angry accusations of racism, with critics comparing it to the caricatures of black people by early 20th century 'minstrels'.  View More
October 29, 2016 Joshua

Britain’s new plastic 5-pound note can play vinyl records

The new plastic polymer £5 notes are bonkers. They can’t be crumpled, are extremely hard (though not impossible) to burn, and some wonky stuff happens if you shine a laser through the queen’s face. By far the strangest revelation about this Money Of The Future? The £5 can be used as a rudimentary record player needle.  View More
October 13, 2016 Megan

William Shakespeare’s autograph is the world’s most expensive and is worth $5 million. If affixed to a play written in his own hand, it would easily be worth ten times as much

He may have authored such famous works as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet and a remarkable number of histories regarding England’s many kings, but only six copies of Shakespeare’s autograph are known to have survived to the current day. In fact, these are some of the only examples we have of the legendary bard’s handwriting, as not a single manuscript handwritten by Shakespeare has yet been discovered.  View More
September 27, 2016 Tiffany
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