Mymanu CLIK wireless earbuds translate 37 languages in real time

Mymanu CLIK wireless earbuds real time translate
Mymanu CLIK is set to revolutionize how we communicate, allowing the wearer to interact with others in different languages, both locally and over a long distance range. With the ground-breaking ability to translate 37 languages in real-time, Mymanu CLIK helps drive collaboration and break down language barriers in new and exciting ways. The headphones have been on sale for a while, but the company is demonstrating them at the Mobile World Congress this year before a global launch. Both you and ...  View More
March 7, 2017 Tiffany

FAMOUSBRICK: High-tech icons as LEGO minifigures

FAMOUSBRICK High-tech icons LEGO minifigures-10
German company FamousBrick has decided to pay tribute to the great names of the digital world by creating a collection of LEGO Minifigs. The custom LEGO minifigures include the biggest names in high-tech field such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Jonathan Ive, Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Phil Schiller, and Mark Zuckerberg. All the tech-idol mini figures feature those iconic characteristics and dressing that belong to the tech idols, and each of them comes with a tiny accessory like Tim ...  View More
March 5, 2017 Tiffany

3D-printing robot by Apis Cor prints a small house in 24 hours

3D-printing robot by Apis Cor-13
Using a 3D printer to build a house is not entirely new, but pieces have always been built in a large facility. Rather than assembling pieces printed elsewhere on a site, Apis Cor has created the very first 3D-printed house using a mobile printer on-site. Printing the self-bearing walls, partitions, and building envelope took the machine 24 hours to complete. The final result is the first house printed as a whole with an area of 400 square feet (37 square meters). And not only did the 3D-printed ...  View More
March 4, 2017 Michael

Watch: Steve Mould heats up a bar of Ivory soap in a microwave

Steve Mould Ivory soap microwave-2
Steve Mould is a science youtuber. On his channel, you'll find loads of experiments, demos, mind bending illusions, things you can try at home and even some stand-up comedy: 'I'm a science presenter on TV and on stage and I'm part of science-comedy show Festival Of The Spoken Nerd'. In this video, Steve Mould puts a camera inside a microwave and then heats up a bar of Ivory soap: 'I figured out how to film inside a microwave without destroying the camera. First video is of ivory soap. The ...  View More
February 22, 2017 Joshua

Amputee got his arm replaced with a bionic one including a drone

Amputee bionic arm including drone-4
Four years ago James Young lost his left arm after falling in between two train carriages. Now Konami has helped build him a replacement for that arm, inspired by Big Boss and Metal Gear Solid. It's insane. It started with an advertisement. Konami was looking for amputees for an experiment. 60 people applied and James was eventually selected. The idea was simple: build a cutting edge bionic arm inspired by Big Boss's arm in Metal Gear Solid V. Arguably a bizarre marketing stunt, but the end ...  View More
February 8, 2017 Jason

ALO: Star-designer Philippe Starck reimagines the smartphone

ALO smartphone Philippe Starck-9
French designers Philippe Starck and Jerome Olivet have unveiled a radical new concept for the smartphone of the future in partnership with electronics brand Thomson. The smartphone, called Alo, shuns the usual LED-backlit touchscreen, and instead projects 3D holographic images of messages, movies, or anything else the user might want to view. It’s completely voice-activated, and its “gelatinous” translucent housing is specifically designed to fit inside the palm of your hand.  ...  View More
February 7, 2017 Jason

Gatebox is a hologram-in-a-jar digital assistant you can talk to

Gatebox hologram-in-a-jar digital assistant-2
Gatebox, developed by Japanese startup vinclu Inc., is the world's first "Hologram Communication Robot", and is designed to access and control Internet of Things devices in your house in order to be your own personal assistant. Gatebox serves as a robotic device that projects an A.I. operated hologram of your favorite character to assist you with daily duties.  ...  View More
January 3, 2017 Tiffany

The Kissenger phone device lets you kiss your lover via video chat

Kissenger phone device kiss lover video chat-4
The Kissenger, whose name is a combination of "kiss" and "messenger", was created by Emma Yann Zhang and her team. They created the device in order to connect “couples in long distance relationships,” “family members traveling or living in different parts of the world” and “idols and their fans from all around the world”. The Kissenger is made up of high precision force sensors which are embedded under a silicon lip. The sensors “measure the dynamic forces at different parts of ...  View More
December 28, 2016 Megan
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