Shusaku Takaoka merges art history icons with modern urban life

Shusaku Takaoka art icons modern life-15
Japanese graphic designer Shusaku Takaoka uses his keen photo manipulation skills to take some of the world’s most iconic paintings and fuse them with the gritty urban environment. Using famous faces like Van Gogh and Mona Lisa, Takaoka merges them onto bodies sporting the latest fashions. He doesn’t shy away from lengthening their hair, adding stylish hats, or even placing a cigarette to their lips. The playful project gives a whole new meaning to these painted characters, who now look ...  View More
May 28, 2017 Jason

Julio Cesar turns random pics into lifelike digital art portraits

Julio Cesar random pics digital art portraits
Brazilian illustrator Julio Cesar created a fun series of digital illustrations based on random pics of people he finds online. Photo reference is especially useful when drawing people, because as you can see in these portraits his subjects come complete with props and personality. The artist brilliant colors, flowing brushstrokes, and coquettish facial expressions definitely add to this effect and it looks like his characters are about to come to life! Essentially, they're as detailed, ...  View More
May 25, 2017 Michael

Classic paintings reimagined as fandoms for geek by Lothlenan

lothlenan classical paintings-14
Who doesn’t love crossovers between pop culture and classy art? A digital artist on Tumblr named Lothlenan has created this beautiful series of famous classic paintings from different eras and styles reimagined with characters from popular geeky fandoms! There's Sailor Moon, Totoro, Steven Universe, The Legend of Zelda, Adventure Time and more on their page in this ongoing series! And there's even prints and more available in their Redbubble Store!  View More
May 24, 2017 Jason

Jeff Langevin portraits of women empowered with natural forces

Jeff Langevin women portraits-19
Jeff Langevin is a freelance artist and designer with a BFA in Graphic Design currently living in Oregon. His work includes emotional, figural paintings which explore the relationship between humans and nature, artistic interpretations and graphic works inspired by popular culture, and a wide variety of branding and logo design: 'As an artist I am interested in creating imagery that is figural, imaginative and emotional. Working with a combination of traditional and digital tools, my work ...  View More
May 22, 2017 Megan

Italian artist CriScO creates dazzling glow-in-the-dark paintings

CriScO glow-in-the-dark paintings-18
Italian artist Cristoforo Scorpiniti, aka Crisco, creates glow-in-the-dark paintings that are captivating both when the spotlight is shined on them and when it isn’t. This is because the young artist makes clever use of glow-in-the-dark paint for his masterpieces, allowing them to radiate even when the lights are off. But his creations are more than just two paintings in one. Bright and playful by day, they transform into darker dreamscapes when the lights go out. Capturing a certain symbolic ...  View More
March 16, 2017 Jason

Typography portraits: Cris Wicks paints the words we leave behind

Cris Wicks typography portraits-10
'For this style of portraiture I thought about how when we die our physical bodies leave but our words remain in the minds of those we interacted with. I wanted to visually create this idea, that our words replace or perhaps transcend our physical form and allow us to still be seen and experienced after we're gone'. Los Angeles based artist Chris Wicks explains how these portraits were made: 'I began these paintings by gluing old newspaper articles and other paper memorabilia relevant to the ...  View More
March 12, 2017 Jason

Aleksandra Katsan painting-style tattoos turn bodies into artworks

Aleksandra Katsan dopeindulgence painting-style tattoos-9
Tattoo artist Aleksandra Katsan (aka 'dopeindulgence') is turning bodies into contemporary art masterpieces with her painting style tattoos. If you love watercolor style tattoos and contemporary art, you will need to visit the city of Kiev, in Ukraine. This is where tattoo artist Aleksandra Katsan is working, in her shop Tattooed Paradise. The 29 years old artist is specializing in vibrant colors, painting effects and artistic tattoos. With her very own style, influenced by watercolor painting, ...  View More
March 10, 2017 Jason

Morgan Blair captures SEINFELD memorable moments in oil paintings

Morgan Blair SEINFELD moments oil paintings-10
Very few shows in the history of television have had a fan base as huge and devoted as Seinfeld. The final episode was 15 years ago, but right now someone somewhere is quoting Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, George, and the Soup Nazi like it's 1998. From Seinfeld-themed T-shirts, to Jay Shells' Seinfeld poster installations, the cultural impact that 'The Show About Nothing' has is still being felt today and it will probably continue for the next 15 years. Brooklyn-based artist Morgan Blair is clearly a ...  View More
March 4, 2017 Tiffany

Yigal Ozeri paintings push photorealism to new levels of beauty

Yigal Ozeri paintings photorealism-19
New York City based Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri is best known for his large-scale cinematic portraits of young women in vast transcending landscapes. His near photo-realistic oil paintings convey the spirit of his subjects in a grand array of natural settings: from abundant rain forests to dreary deserts. Thousands of tiny brushstrokes animate his lifelike paintings, giving way to a remarkable realism, distinct beauty, and seductive power. Ozeri seizes fleeting moments and gives them life. As a ...  View More
March 1, 2017 Megan
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