The Beatles on holiday in Tenerife in 1963 before the Beatlemania

Beatles on holiday Tenerife 1963-9
In April 1963, just a few weeks before Beatlemania, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr took a holiday in Tenerife, Spain. It was the last time they would spend such carefree days without being recognized. They lazed around San Telmo Lido and got themselves a sun tan while John Lennon and manager Brian Epstein choose to holiday in fashionable Torremolinos. The fab three stayed with their friend, artist Klaus Voormann, the Hamburg photographer who they knew in 1960, also joined the ...  View More
May 19, 2017 Michael

Guitarist Neno Alfenas and his parrot perform a beautiful duet – Video

Neno Alfenas and parrot beautiful duet
This video shows a South American musician who goes by the name Neno Alfenas running through a medley of Brazilian songs — which wouldn't be so remarkable if it wasn't a duet with a bright green and so tuneful Amazon Parrot. Some performers would not react well to being upstaged by a costar, but Alfenas is pretty chill about it: the duet has been viewed 10 million times on his Facebook page. He originally posted it in April 2015, but the footage is now getting wider coverage.  View More
January 24, 2017 Jason

Vinyl Art: Daniel Edlen paints music legends on vinyl records

Daniel Edlen Vinyl Art-14
Growing up in the era of the CD, my dad thankfully got me into vinyl. I love everything about it, from the pops and clicks and the ritual of dropping the needle to the blue sticky stuff to weigh down the tone arm just right and the smell of a record cabinet. When I was a teenager, I was dividing my free time between art classes and used record stores when something clicked. I took one of my many salvaged and beaten old Sgt. Pepper albums and put brush to groove.  ...  View More
January 16, 2017 Jessica

Sinatra wrote this inspiring open letter to George Michael in 1990

Sinatra 1990 letter to George Michael-1
In 1990, 27-year-old George Michael revealed to the Los Angeles Times' Calendar magazine that his 1987 chart-topping album "Faith" and the subsequent tour left him on the verge of a breakdown and he just couldn’t cope with another 10 or 15 years of fame. Legendary performer Frank Sinatra read the interview and decided to reply to George Michael. And Sinatra had some very Sinatra-like advice for a young George Michael: "Loosen up. Swing, man". The powerful letter you can read below ends with ...  View More
December 28, 2016 Megan

Vivienne Westwood son Joe Corre burns Sex Pistols memorabilia

Sex Pistols Memorabilia Burn-9
Joe Corre, son of former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and designer Vivienne Westwood, set fire to clothes and Memorabilia he valued at between 6 and 12 million dollars, on the 40th anniversary of the band’s debut single “Anarchy in the UK”. “Punk was never meant to be nostalgic,” Corre said, addressing a crowd of around 100 people on the bank of the River Thames in the affluent Chelsea area of London. “Punk has become another marketing tool to sell you something you don’t ...  View More
November 27, 2016 Jessica

Watch: Justin Bieber meets a loving fan. Punches him in the face.

Justin Bieber punches fan Barcelona-13
In a video footage acquired by TMZ, Grammy-award singer Justin Bieber is seen hitting a male fan through the open window of his car while arriving at a concert in Barcelona, Spain. The guy ran up to the car and stuck his hand in the window trying to touch the 22-year-old Canadian pop star. Bieber responded with a quick jab to the face. The guy ended up a bloody mess as he and his friends reacted in shock.  View More
November 26, 2016 Jessica

The Ohio State (OSU) marching band “Superheroes!” halftime show

The Ohio State University Marching Band jumped into action during its superhero themed halftime performance at the Ohio State-Nebraska game on Saturday (Nov. 5 2016). The show, called Superheroes!, included a wide array of music and imagery from superhero films. The Band created images of the Avengers logo, a swinging Spider-Man, Superman stopping a train and the Batwing. The show came to an epic end with the Band marching in the formation of the Incredible Hulk smashing the Michigan logo.  View More
November 12, 2016 Tiffany

Mariah Carey daily views on Youtube spikes every Christmas season.

“All I Want for Christmas Is You” might be the most popular holiday song of the modern era and this year will be no different. Play count spikes every year as fall turns to winter. With a cumulative total of nearly 184 million views on the song’s original YouTube music video posted to the platform six years ago, it clocked about 4.5 million daily during 2015’s holiday season and, if it holds to trend, should hit about 6 million daily this year.  View More
November 4, 2016 Michael
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