Hilarious: Jim Carrey brilliant celebrity impressions from 1992

Jim Carrey 1992 celebrity impressions-12
Before Jim Carrey became a comedy icon in films like Dumb and Dumber and Ace Ventura, he was just an up-and-coming comedian trying to make a name for himself on the sketch comedy television series 'In Living Color'. Today, Jim Carrey’s face is recognizable around the world, but this god of comedy with a face as flexible as rubber was talented before he became famous as well. These recently unearthed photos from 1992 show a 30-year-old Carrey practicing his brilliant celebrity impressions. ...  View More
May 17, 2017 Jason

Online shopping fails: Read the small print before you click “buy”

Online shopping fails-26
Buying products online sounds like a good idea but it's always risky. This goes double when shopping for clothes, since the photos they post can be misleading, and the quality of the product might be way off what was advertised. Unless it’s from a reputable site, chances are high that you’ll be disappointed when your purchase arrives. Here is a selection of the ultimate fails where people got nothing like what they expected. That will make you think twice before your next order online.  View More
March 28, 2017 Jessica

Hilarious: Japanese T-Shirts with catchphrases in ENGRISH

Japanese T-Shirts in Engrish-13
'Engrish' is a form of English characterized by bad translation from Japanese by someone who is decent at translating vocabulary but has a poor grasp of English grammar. It tends to be a word-by-word literal translation with humorous results for native English speakers. The term 'Engrish' comes from the fact that the Japanese language does not have distinct L and R sounds. They do have a consonant that is roughly somewhere in between these 2 sounds, but whether this translates to L or R in ...  View More
March 13, 2017 Jason

The best and funniest celebrity first tweets

best celebrity first tweets-10
On March 21, 2006, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey posted the world’s first Tweet, 'just setting up my twttr', wrote the 29 year-old self-taught computer programmer and entrepreneur. Eleven years later, Twitter has completely transformed the way we connect with our favorite stars. While we're all familiar with stars tweeting up a storm these days, there was a time when every famous person had to awkwardly enter the world of social media. From the witty to the weird, from the worried to the ...  View More
March 8, 2017 Jason

Hilarious: When thick people obey instructions. Literally.

Hilarious thick people obey signs literally-10
Back in school, teachers always told you to 'read the question'. Read it, then read it again. That way, you wouldn’t answer the wrong thing by accident or go off on a tangent. However, literal thinking does carry its own pitfalls and you might veer somewhat off course, as these funny pictures show. Whether it's a breastfeeding mother paying attention to the sign that instructs her to 'cover yourself' while breastfeeding and who therefore covers her head completely while her baby feeds in ...  View More
March 7, 2017 Tiffany

Funny comics sums up in 6 pics how news reporting actually works

comics how news reporting actually works-6
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a humor webcomic, based around random, unconnected jokes. It generally covers mature topics, but can range into science and nerd humor. The news media is there to provide the masses with factual information about what’s happening in the world, but as you’ve no doubt realized, it doesn’t always seem like that. Often it feels as if reporters deliberately spin a story a certain way in order to make it more sensational, regardless of whether there’s ...  View More
March 2, 2017 Michael

Hilarious: ThirdWheelExtravaganza – A girl’s life as Third Wheel

ThirdWheelExtravaganza girl life as Third Wheel-13
A woman has become a hero to singles everywhere after documenting her life as a 'third wheel'. Instagram account 'Third Wheel Extravaganza' shares photos posted by an anonymous joker who goes around photobombing cute-couple moments while keeping a stony-faced expression. Her bio reads: 'Ah, love. It makes the world go round. Unless you’re me. Then you just lurk in the background of cute couples, but hey'. And it seems the humorous singleton just can’t escape the never-ending kisses and hugs ...  View More
February 24, 2017 Megan

Georgia Hoyer spies in disguise at BFF Dawsyn Eubanks first date

Georgia Undercover Dawsyn Eubanks First Date-15
Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking — aside from worrying that the conversation will be awkward as hell, there's also the worry that the person you're meeting up with might be a serial killer (no? Just me?). Many of us have probably texted a friend to let them know where we'll be, just in case, or have even sent directions for someone to call us while on our dates in case we need an exit strategy. But one girl took it to a whole new level by actually showing up to her friend's date — ...  View More
February 21, 2017 Joshua

CELEBRITY: Chunlong Sun explores the more tender side of dictators

Chunlong Sun CELEBRITY dictators-6
Displayed ominously on the covers of TIME and Newsweek, these faces elicit fear: Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro, and Mobutu Sesé Seko. But in his new series 'Celebrity', the Chinese retoucher and artist Chunlong Sun explores the more tender side of these infamous men, presenting them cradling plushy stuffed animals. Sun achieved the desired effect by shooting Chinese look-alike models styled and costumed in attire similar to that worn by the world leaders in famous ...  View More
February 13, 2017 Jessica
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