Julio Cesar turns random pics into lifelike digital art portraits

Julio Cesar random pics digital art portraits
Brazilian illustrator Julio Cesar created a fun series of digital illustrations based on random pics of people he finds online. Photo reference is especially useful when drawing people, because as you can see in these portraits his subjects come complete with props and personality. The artist brilliant colors, flowing brushstrokes, and coquettish facial expressions definitely add to this effect and it looks like his characters are about to come to life! Essentially, they're as detailed, ...  View More
May 25, 2017 Michael

Reddit shifter2000 draws movie posters after adding -ing to title

shifter2000 movie poster add -ing to title-10
Last year, a popular thread on reddit asked a simple yet brilliant idea: Add ‘ing’ to the end of a movie title, what is the movie about now? Some 14,000 comments later, artist shifter2000 decided to illustrate his favorites, turning the new films into movie posters. With the addition of these 3 letters, the entire premise of blockbuster films are completely changed: The Karate Kidding - A wise martial arts teacher sabotages a young boy's training with light hearted jokes; Schindler's Listing ...  View More
January 17, 2017 Jessica

Pascal Campion illustrates life and love precious little moments

Pascal Campion life love illustration-6
Pascal Campion is a French-American artist who has become very popular for his “Sketch of the Day” which is him drawing a new image everyday. All his works are heavily influenced by his wife and kids who inspire him. Pascal defines his illustrations as an energy that goes through him. It’s not part of him, he just channels it through his drawings. Pascal has a gift for capturing those tiny but valuable moments in life and in a relationship. Whether it’s dining in candlelight in the ...  View More
January 12, 2017 Jessica

Impressive color pencil portraits of Superheroes by Adam Bettley

Adam Bettley Superheroes color pencil portraits-26
Adam Bettley is 25-year-old self-taught artist and illustrator, based in Nottingham, UK who specializes in portraits and comic-based artwork. Using color pencils only, he has created a brilliant series of illustrations of some of the most iconic Superheroes: Red Ranger, Judge Dredd, Deal Pool, Batman, Darth Vader, American Horror Story Tate, Michelle Pfeiffer Cat Woman, White Power Ranger, and many more. Printed copies of his powerful portraits, signed and stamped by the artist, are available on ...  View More
January 11, 2017 Jessica

Maximal minimalist: Lukas Frischknecht powerful one-line drawings

Lukas Frischknecht one line drawings-20
Lukas Frischknecht is originally from a rural area in eastern Switzerland. Today, he works in advertising as an art director in Zurich. His designs often start out on paper as a chaotic overlap of shapes and lines. In the next steps he sits down at his computer and simplifies the image at hand. Half of the drawing falls victim to his minimalist eye as he reduces the design to a bare minimum. By focusing only what is most essential, Frischknecht’s modern and in part abstract art has a strong ...  View More
January 9, 2017 Jessica

Hilarious 3D illusions with paper by illustrator Husk Mit Navn

Husk Mit Navn 3D illusions with paper-13
Husk Mit Navn is a Danish artist who is out to prove that pen and paper still have the upper-hand over anything a computer can throw at them. By simply folding, wrinkling, or curling a sheet of paper, he is able to create delightfully amusing scenes. His bold, black and white drawings depict a cartoonish set of characters that are brought to life through strategically-positioned paper edges coupled with brilliantly maneuvered perspectives. He produces the fantastic illusion that these ...  View More
January 4, 2017 Tiffany

Speed Drawing challenge: Same drawing in 10 min, 1 min and 10 sec.

Speed Drawing challenge-14
Drawing is a skill, and the more you do it the better AND faster you get. That’s what illustrator Mark Crilley proves with a challenge to his colleague illustrators. The rules are as follows: pick a character and make sketches in 10 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes and then put them side by side for easy comparison. The competition has revealed that even in 10 seconds illustrators managed to identify the base elements that make up the character and put it on paper. Pretty amazing how automatic ...  View More
January 4, 2017 Tiffany

Artist Daniel Kordek gives iconic pop stars a Disney makeover

Daniel Kordek pop stars Disney characters-28
Daniel Kordek is a digital painter, cartoonist and animator from Poland who gives our favorite pop stars a gorgeous Disney-fied makeover, turning them into animated, photo-realistic hybrids. How do we describe his art? It’s not a caricature, because it’s flattering and too beautiful. It’s not straight-up cartoony, with those sleek brush strokes and sparkling eyes. Thanks to impressive digitization, imagination, and pen-to-paper skills, the artist strikes a perfect balance between reality ...  View More
December 27, 2016 Megan

Star Wars characters drawn anime-style by Twitter user “nohofrog”

Star Wars characters anime-style nohofrog-5
With the worldwide release of "Rogue One: a Star Wars story", like many fans, you have already braved the lines, the cold, or both to see it... three times. And now what? Sure, there’s Episode VIII, but that’s still a year away! What are you supposed to do until then? Don't worry, there are still plenty of ways for you to get your Star Wars fix including this artistic Twitter user "@nohofrog" who has been giving the galaxy far, far away an anime makeover.  View More
December 20, 2016 Jessica
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