Hilarious: Trump has left reviews about Middle East on TripAdvisor

trump tripadvisor reviews about middle east-8
President Trump wants to communicate his worldview and has graciously left behind his reviews on TripAdvisor for each and every country he visited. Mashable decided to post those reviews, and now people can't tell whether they're real or not. 'Is this for real? ... Does he think he is a travel advisor?' - asked their reader Maria. 'This is entirely within the realm of possibility for Trump', wrote Sarah. Who needs pesky press pools when we can have the president color in fun little stars ...  View More
May 28, 2017 Michael

Make Love Great Again: Hilarious Donald Trump Valentine Day cards

Donald Trump Valentine Day Cards-12
Want to dump your loved one but don't know how to tell them? Then give them a Donald Trump Valentine's card this February 14th. You're sure to be single in no time. They were recently uploaded by an Imgur user named 'TKFN4212817', and as you can see, they're pretty funny. With such 'romantic' phrases as 'I want you on my side of the wall,' 'I'd lift my travel ban for you, baby,' and 'I'd date you like I'd date Ivanka,' you won't need to bother with the candle-lit dinner because your partner will ...  View More
February 6, 2017 Jason

Scott Rogowsky reads fake books about Trump in subway – Video

Scott Rogowsky Running Late Show books Trump subway-1
Scott Rogowsky of the YouTube series “Running Late Show” issued his latest video showing the host perusing falsely titled books on the subway. These tomes from the "Unpresidented Edition" include: Newt Gingrich's "Fantastic Nukes & Where To Drop Them", Hemingway's "The Old Man And The Rising Sea Levels", "How To Win Friends And Influence Elections", "How to Succeed in Business without Paying Your Contractors" and Mike Pence’s "Prejudice & Prejudice". Rogowsky says all ad revenue ...  View More
January 12, 2017 Jessica

A fan in Iraqi Kurdistan opens a Trump-themed fish restaurant

Trump-themed fish restaurant Iraqi Kurdistan-11
A Donald Trump fan named his restaurant in Iraqi Kurdistan after the president-elect, according to several media reports. Nadyar Zawiti, the owner of the restaurant, named it "Trump Fish" and is featuring a logo of Trump's face. The restaurant opened in December, according to Reuters. "What I admire about Trump's personality is that he's decisive, he's tough, and hopefully with that toughness he'll finish ISIS off," he told CNN. The logo includes an image of Trump with what appears to be San ...  View More
January 6, 2017 Jason

The Donald Trump gold-encased iPhone is a trend

Donald Trump gold iphone trend
If you need proof of Donald Trump’s love affair with gold, just take a look at any photo shoot at his residence. If King Midas walked into Trump’s penthouse, he’d say it’s a little much. He has gold-plated everything! Goldgenie is a company that specializes in coating whatever its customers want in precious metals. Recently a Chinese client requested a gold iPhone with an etching of Trump’s face. "Goldgenie" went all out and created a $151,000 iPhone 7, made from solid 24K gold and ...  View More
December 27, 2016 Megan

Philly city attorney, Duncan Lloyd, caught in “F. Trump” vandalism

Philly attorney Duncan Lloyd Fuck Trump-3
Duncan Lloyd, a Philadelphia city attorney, was caught on tape using his mobile phone to record as a second man spray-painted “F*ck Trump” on the wall of a Chestnut Hill business, causing up to $10,000 in damage last weekend. He appears on the camera footage casually carrying a glass of wine in his hand throughout the act. A spokeswoman for Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney confirmed Lloyd is cooperating with police: "We’re still waiting to hear what the charges will be and what his role is. ...  View More
December 2, 2016 Joshua

Orders for Sally Noedel “Trump Voodoo Dolls” surge post-election

Trump Voodoo Doll-7
Sally Noedel is a small-business owner in the Pacific Northwest who sells satirical Donald Trump voodoo dolls on her online store "DonaldTrumpVoodoo.com". The website advertises the voodoo dolls in English and Spanish alike. She calls the dolls, which are made in the U.S.A., “the bipartisan solution to political gift giving.” And right now, business is booming. To meet post-election demand, she had to unpack her shelved supplies and enlist a friend to help make enough voodoo dolls. “I have ...  View More
November 21, 2016 Jason

#TrumpIsComing is the latest viral challenge sweeping the internet

TrumpIsComing challenge-13
The #TrumpIsComing challenge involves a group of people reacting to the looming arrival of America's president-elect, Donald Trump. It goes a little something like this: One brave soul shouts, "Trump is coming!" and then all those within earshot respond by displaying signs of absolute panic. #TrumpIsComing seems to have gotten its start the day after the election, when 16-year-old Emi Chavez, from Azle, Texas, challenged his friends to demonstrate how they'd react to Trump showing up. Emi then ...  View More
November 21, 2016 Jason

Donald Trump and China bird “Little Red” have the same hairdresser.

Little Red bird hairstyle Donald Trump-6
A golden pheasant bird named "Little Red" has taken the internet by storm for its pouf of yellow feathers that closely resemble President-elect Trump’s signature look. The 5-year-old bird, who was previously living a quiet life at Hangzhou Safari Park in China, has become an overnight sensation. The bird’s keeper, surnamed Gao, explained "I had not noticed the likeness in the past because I had not paid particular attention to the pheasant's hairstyle. But after Trump was elected President ...  View More
November 17, 2016 Jason

Watch: Trump granddaughter Arabella reciting poetry in Mandarin

Trump Arabella poetry Mandarin
A video of Donald Trump's granddaughter Arabella Kushner reciting Chinese poetry is going viral in China. Arabella, daughter of Ivanka Trump and businessman Jared Kushner, is wearing a red Chinese style ball gown standing on a table. Other traditional Chinese elements, the Chinese character for happiness, lanterns and Monkey stickers, are visible in the background. During his bid for the US presidency, Trump had nothing but tough talk for Beijing. But the little girl's command of Mandarin is ...  View More
November 17, 2016 Jason
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