KOPI JOSS: A Coffee Served With Hot Burned Charcoal Plunged In It

KOPI JOSS coffee with charcoal-11
The Kopi Joss ('Joss coffee') is a special Indonesian coffee. Its preparation starts off in the usual Javanese style, with loose coffee grinds and sugar added to a cup and hot water poured on top. The magic ingredient - flaming hot charcoal - is then added to the brew. So basically this is a coffee with a piece of burnt wood floating in it. Once the fire is out you can then fish the charcoal from your cup. Sometimes the coffee bubbles over, leaving messy cup covered in coffee grinds. The name is ...  View More
May 23, 2017 Michael

AVOLATTE: Truman Cafe In Melbourne Serves Coffee Inside An Avocado

AVOLATTE coffee in avovado-3
The modern culture obsession with avocados has come under the spotlight once more after a Melbourne cafe showcased a new idea for the desirable fruit. Truman Cafe in Albert Park posted a short video of their ingenious innovation to their Instagram account of a coffee being poured into a previously used avocado skin. Captioned 'Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions - lattes and avo', the post comes amid hype around millennials paying high prices for avocado breakfasts and coffees. As pioneering ...  View More
May 21, 2017 Michael

Korean Barista Lee Kang Bin Creates Impressive Art On Coffee Foam

Lee Kang Bin coffee art-19
Lee Kang Bin is a young, talented and very popular Korean barista who can create real pieces of art on your coffee foam! The masterful designs he is able to freehand on cups of latte have earned him tens of thousands of fans on Instagram as well as a judge’s seat at numerous latte art competitions around the world. Armed only with a thin metal rod and a palette of food dyes, Lee Kang Bin can turn a bland cup of latte into a stunning masterpiece. From drinkable recreations of famous paintings, ...  View More
May 13, 2017 Jessica

Scary Coffee: Jo Scravis Hand Sculpted Monster Mugs

Jo Scravis monster mugs-10
Add a shot of horror to your drink of choice with these highly detailed gruesome mugs. Artist Jo Scravis of ScravisMugs has created an awesome collection of beer and coffee mugs that feature the faces of all sorts of deadly monsters. They are available to purchase from his Etsy store. Each mug is hand-sculpted from stoneware and porcelain and is dishwasher and microwave safe. 'I’ve been creating pottery for approximately 10 years. All of my mugs are hand sculpted and one of a kind – right ...  View More
February 4, 2017 Jason

Seoul-based Cafe “Takeout Drawing” Creates The “Meringue Coffee”

Meringue coffee Takeout Drawing-6
Takeout Drawing in Seoul is now serving a new drink called "Paul’s Meringue Factory". This is, simply, a cup of espresso and milk topped with a perfectly piped meringue. Unlike whipped cream, the meringue doesn’t melt into the coffee below, so you don't have to worry about it melting while you are snapping a pic. It looks super fancy, and the meringue is designed to be picked up and dunked into the coffee. So it’s a drink and a snack all in one. Given the increasing number of people ...  View More
December 1, 2016 Joshua

“Coffee In A Cone” By Dayne Levinrad Must Be Drunk In 4 Minutes

Coffee in a Cone Dayne Levinrad-1
Have you ever wanted to drink your coffee and then eat the cup after? David Levinrad, founder of the Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa has found a way to do just that with their "Coffee in a Cone". This creation has even recently been named the "Most Instagrammable Coffee in the World". The shop's signature drink — a small latte inside of a chocolate-coated ice cream cone — draws fans from all over the world who not only want to taste it, but want to snap a photo of it. ...  View More
November 27, 2016 Jessica