CNN Donna Brazile Leaked Debate Questions To Clinton Staff.

Emails released by WikiLeaks, which are part of a series of some 50,000 emails stolen from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, suggest that CNN contributor Donna Brazile sent questions to Hillary Clinton's campaign staff ahead of debates with Sen. Bernie Sanders. CNN has denied giving Brazile access to the questions in advance. On October 14th 2016, CNN accepted Donna Brazile‚Äôs resignation as a CNN contributor.  View More
November 1, 2016 Megan

CNN Had A Doomsday Tape To Sign Off In Case Of Nuclear Apocalypse.

In 1980, at the launch of Ted Turner's Cable News Network (CNN), the founder made a grandiose and specific promise about his newly created round-the-clock operation. "Barring satellite problems, we won't be signing off until the world ends," Turner declared. And in anticipation, he prepared a final video segment for the apocalypse.  View More
October 15, 2016 Michael