A woman has been spotted in Japan wearing these PIGEON SHOES

woman Japan PIGEON SHOES-2
One Japanese woman was spotted wearing these pigeons shoes in public, and after photos of her extravagant footwear appeared on the internet everyone started asking 'why?'. Given the trends of nowadays fashion, however, don’t be surprised if these bad boys rise from the streets of Japan to the highest podiums of the world. Forget the growing shoe, the selfie shoe, or even the wrap-around-your-feet shoe, and become a trendsetter with the instant-classic pigeon shoe. They will definitely catch ...  View More
May 26, 2017 Michael

NC honor roll high school student suspended for wearing this shirt

high school girl suspended dress code-4
A senior at Hickory Ridge High School in Harrisburg, North Carolina was recently suspended for wearing a shirt that showed her collarbones. Summer, an honor roll student with a 4.4 GPA, told NBC Charlotte that she was sitting in the cafeteria last week when the school’s principal asked her to put on a jacket because her shirt went against the school’s dress code. According to NBC Charlotte, Summer’s shirt partially showed her shoulders and exposed her back. Although Summer reportedly told ...  View More
May 24, 2017 Megan

ROMPHIM: The male romper is the latest men’s fashion trend

ROMPHIM male romper
Just a head's up: this summer, you might see a bunch of dudes running around in pastel-colored rompers. Don't be alarmed. It's the RompHim (translation: romper for men). And it's working reaaaaaallllly hard to be the next great trend in male fashion. The creators of ACED Design explain: 'We were sitting around drinking beers one evening and got to talking about the men’s clothing options out there', the business student founders reveal on the Kickstarter page. 'Everything was either too ...  View More
May 22, 2017 Jason

Y/PROJECT introduces the $425 detachable cut-out front jeans

Y PROJECT detachable jeans-7
Under the creative direction of Glenn Martens, Parisian brand Y/Project creates collections that combine men's and women's pieces that challenge classification. Marten makes use of versatile designs that take inspiration from different subcultures and eras. These 2-in-1 Y/Project trousers come in a straight-leg silhouette with slim-fitting, detachable shorts that feature high-rise cutouts along the front. These detachable jeans can be worn two ways. You can wear them as full-length trousers, ...  View More
May 21, 2017 Jessica

People are making impressive clothes out of IKEA’s iconic blue bag

clothes made out of IKEA blue bag-17
The IKEA Frakta. The big, blue bag that is always there to share the load. Everybody has one stuffed away in a dark corner of their house, and while you may have been led to believe it only had one purpose, you’d be so wrong. The Frakta is having its fashion moment. Following the Balenciaga 'copy', the blue, leather tote bag punchline that would set you back £1,670, IKEA responded with a lols advert on how to spot an original from the aesthetically similar, but slightly more expensive fashion ...  View More
May 14, 2017 Jessica

Online shopping fails: Read the small print before you click “buy”

Online shopping fails-26
Buying products online sounds like a good idea but it's always risky. This goes double when shopping for clothes, since the photos they post can be misleading, and the quality of the product might be way off what was advertised. Unless it’s from a reputable site, chances are high that you’ll be disappointed when your purchase arrives. Here is a selection of the ultimate fails where people got nothing like what they expected. That will make you think twice before your next order online.  View More
March 28, 2017 Jessica

Pac-Man themed clothing will make people want to gobble you up

Pacman themed clothing-1
The revolutionary video game Pac-Man was first released in Japan way back in 1980. It wasn't long before legions gamers were playing the iconic game in arcades all around the world. To this day it's widely considered as one of the all-time classics not only of its era but in popular culture. Countless generations have either grown up with the game or played it religiously during their childhood. There was something unquestionably exhilarating about avoiding those hungry ghosts and gobbling up ...  View More
March 16, 2017 Jason

The S-HOLDER is a male garter belt to keep your shirts tucked in

S-HOLDER male garter belt-10
Women don't have the garter belt market cornered anymore. There's a new design, made just for men. Are you sick of your shirt untucking and popping out of your pants? An inventor from Slovenia has created the S-HOLDER, which promises to keep your shirt perfectly tucked! It sort of looks like a male garter belt meets suspenders and works using adjustable side straps and clips that keep your shirt in place. It claims your shirt stays perfectly tucked in even when you move! You clip the shirt to ...  View More
March 2, 2017 Michael

Burbs Babes: BrothTarn’s street girls in England wearing Burberry

BrothTarn Burbs Babes-13
A new portrait project by BrothTarn captures females wearing Burberry. BrothTarn is an English street photographer. In the series Burbs Babes, he portrays girls wearing Burberry in the streets of England. A series that mixes luxury and cool, elegance and punk, in other words, a series about the 'English touch', between humor and rebellion. If you are interested in being photographed for Burbs Babes, contact: brothtarn@hotmail.com.  View More
February 19, 2017 Jessica
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