Lorenzo Quinn SUPPORT: A Powerful Message About Rising Sea Levels

Lorenzo Quinn SUPPORT-9
Artist Lorenzo Quinn is known for his work with the human body, specifically hands, that he incorporates into everything from large-scale sculptures down to jewelry designs. He has just finished the installation of a monumental sculpture for the 2017 Venice Biennale. Titled 'Support', the piece depicts a pair of gigantic hands rising from the water to support the sides of the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, a visual statement of the impact of climate change and rising sea levels on the historic city and ...  View More
May 15, 2017 Jason

No Snow, No Ice: Alaska Polar Bears Photo Series By Patty Waymire

Patty Waymire Alaska Polar Bears No Snow No Ice-1
A solitary bear sits on the edge of one of the Barter Islands. There is no snow, when at this time of year, there should be. In speaking with the locals in Kaktovic, they've noted that it's been an unseasonably warm winter, and that the ice will be late in forming this year. This will have an impact on the local polar bear population, when it comes time to hunt seals for their food in the winter months... This photo has been selected by National Geographic to be a part of the photo exhibit in ...  View More
January 7, 2017 Jason