Aidan Walters Installs A 20 Ft Christmas Tree Through The Roof

Aidan Walters 20 ft Christmas tree through roof-6
Aidan Walters (Twitter user @aidanswalt) and his family spotted a deal they couldn't resist at their local tree farm in Portland, Oregon. "It was $40, get any height, any tree" he said. The Walters family took the deal. The only problem – it didn’t fit inside his living room. But they had a simple, yet brilliant idea: they cut it in half and strapped the top part to the roof, giving it a “through the roof” effect. The sight of a tree appearing to come through the roof of their house ...  View More
December 23, 2016 Joshua

TribeTokes Cannabis-themed Cards Wish You A “Merryjuana Christmas”

TribeTats cannabis christmas cards-8
TribeTokes, run by female entrepreneurs in NYC, creates marijuana-related merchandise. Seeing a gap in Hallmark's collection, Degelis Tufts, CEO of TribeTokes has put together a series of cannabis-themed Christmas cards for the cultivated consumer. Everyone has at least 2-3 friends who would love nothing more than to adorn their fireplace mantle with a subtle celebration of the canabis festivus that are these cards. Your lucky friends will find themselves squealing in delight when they tear open ...  View More
December 18, 2016 Jason

A Guy Cuts Down His Christmas Tree With A Semi-automatic Rifle

Christmas tree cut semi-automatic rifle-10
Facebook user "Team144" has just posted a video with the caption "What happens when you combine 60 rounds of freedom with Christmas Tree hunting?". In the video we see a guy who takes his family out to pick a Christmas tree but instead of using a chainsaw he decides to cut down the tree with a semi-automatic rifle. After the tree falls over and is ready to be hauled and decorated, the guy ends the video by proudly saying "America". Comments on Facebook were mixed but mostly supportive: "Uh this ...  View More
December 7, 2016 Michael

“Pimp My Beard”: The New Beard-Christmas-Lights Trend From London

Beard Christmas Lights-9
A new trend has hit the beard scene and it’s about to light up this festive season in a big and very literal way. Twinkling fairy lights are the latest addition to the ever-burgeoning list of ways to bedazzle one’s beard. London bearded hipsters can have a go at embellishing their whiskers with lights at a beard grooming stall at East Village E20’s Christmas market in east London with one-off beard decorating sessions and stylist consultations. A sure way to really stand out from the crowd ...  View More
December 7, 2016 Michael

The Harry Potter-themed Christmas Tree By Kathryn Burnett

Kathryn Burnett Harry Potter Christmas Tree-3
Kathryn Burnett, 29, from the northern English town of Seaham is a massive Potterhead. She has visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour no less than 11 times and has now managed to recreate the magic in the non-wizarding world, by decorating her Christmas tree, which took no less than 8 hours to complete, with an array of amazing Harry Potter decorations. "A lot of the decorations aren’t tree decorations, but I’ve managed to attach them. It started off where I was doodling a little idea then I ...  View More
November 26, 2016 Jessica