Thousands Of Letters Addressed To God Arrive In Israel Every Year

Israel letters addressed to God
In a postal sorting office beside a bakery on an industrial estate in Jerusalem, hundreds of letters are carefully set aside for special delivery and treated with the respect accorded to sacred documents. The envelopes are variously addressed, but all are destined for the same place. And all are unanswerable, at least by man. This is the "Letters to God" department of the Israeli postal service, where each year thousands of letters are received and once every few months opened, folded and, in a ...  View More
January 3, 2017 Tiffany

Plastic Religion: Barbie Nativity Set By Artists Pool & Marianela

In 2014, two Argentine artists, Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini, turned 33 models of Barbie and Ken into religious icons for an exhibition called “Barbie, the Plastic Religion“. The show featured Barbie as the Virgin Mary and Ken as Jesus Christ, and included religious figures from Catholicism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism. The show provoked widespread controversy in several languages from Argentina to France. In 2016, the artists were invited by Mattel and Les Art Decoratifs to display ...  View More
December 5, 2016 Megan

Need To Confess Your Sins? There’s An App For That! “Sindr”

Sindr Catholic app confession-12
The Catholic Church launched an app with the (tragically uninspired) name "The Catholic App," which enables users to find their way to the closest Catholic church for Holy Mass or an impromptu confession. Naturally, it was quickly and predictably re-dubbed "Sindr", after the popular Tinder dating app. According to the developer of the app, Musemantik founder Dr. Maciej Zurawski: "What is needed to engage with the mobile generation is an app that is smart and personal, an app that is like a ...  View More
November 24, 2016 Jason

“Hipster Nativity Set” By “Modern Nativity” Is Jesus Born Today

Hipster Nativity Set Modern Nativity-7
"Modern Nativity" company has created a nativity set a little different from the one you used to play with at your grandmother's house. The "hipster nativity set" is what the nativity scene would look like if jesus was born in 2016. It's filled with Segways, selfies, and Amazon Prime. The set includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and manger, 3 wisemen on segues, shepherd, sheep, cow, and stable. Each piece is hand painted and made of durable polyresin. Standing figurines are 7” tall and the ...  View More
November 23, 2016 Jason

The “X” In “Xmas” Is A “Chi” The First Letter Of “Christ” In Greek

The abbreviation of 'Xmas' for 'Christmas' is neither modern nor disrespectful. The notion that it is a new and vulgar representation of the word 'Christmas' seems to stem from the erroneous belief that the letter 'X' is used to stand for the word 'Christ' because of its resemblance to a cross, or that the abbreviation was deliberately concocted "to take the 'Christ' out of Christmas."  View More
October 20, 2016 Jason