Kit Kat Introduces A Limited-edition Japan-only ‘Kit Kat Sushi’

Kit Kat sushi
Do you ever find yourself gazing down forlornly at your bento box and thinking, 'Man, I wish there was some Kit Kat sushi in here'? No? Well, neither do we, because let’s be honest, that would be a completely random thought process. However, on the minuscule off chance that you’ve done just that, then good news abounds, as the confectionery giant Nestle is getting set to launch a selection of limited-edition sushi Kit Kats in Tokyo on February 2-4.  ...  View More
January 30, 2017 Jason

Designer Creates Adobe-inspired Chocolate Bars For Job Interviews

Designer Adobe-inspired chocolate bars-7
Brooklyn-based graphic designer "April Hansen" has created a sweet way to get the attention of potential employers and clients. She has re-designed the packaging of Ritter Sport chocolate bars to imitate the Adobe Suite's core design programs. She then uses them as a leave-behind after a job interview, or to send to firms she's applying to. Words have been added to the letters that are usually found on the software icons so that they spell out positive messages about her. For instance, the ...  View More
December 29, 2016 Megan

“Ritter Sport Unicorn” Is The Rarest Chocolate Bar In The World

Ritter Sport Unicorn chocolate
Chocolate company Ritter Sport has created a unicorn chocolate bar described as "white chocolate with a yoghurt and raspberry-cassis rainbow". Unfortunately, because it’s not everyday you see a unicorn, they’ve brought only 50 of these bars to the UK. Pink, glittery and rare, we'd expect nothing less from a creature so magical. If you’re desperate to get your hands on this goodie you can find some folks selling the candy bar on eBay for $70 and up.  View More
November 23, 2016 Jason