Gift Idea? KFC Unveils The Valentine’s Day Fried Chicken Bouquet

KFC Valentine Day Fried Chicken Bouquet-6
As Valentine's day fast approaches what do you get that special someone in your life? Flowers are predictable, perfume is very cliched and every lover gives their other half chocolate. Well fast food giant KFC may have just created the perfect gift by developing the chicken bouquet. Composed of popcorn chicken, crispy strips and drumsticks, 20 lucky people can get their hands on this ingenious present after the restaurant chain announced a competition on their Facebook page: 'The best smelling ...  View More
February 14, 2017 Jessica

Goth Chicken: The Rare Indonesian ‘Ayam Cemani’ Is Entirely Black

Goth Chicken Ayam Cemani entirely black-8
The Ayam Cemani, an all-black bird indigenous to Indonesia, is the most sought-after chicken on the market right now, but not for its taste. In fact, no one would dare eat these Sith Lord birds. According to Greenfire Farms owner Paul Bradshaw, who breeds Ayam Cemani in Florida, Ayam Cemani is “the ‘it’ chicken right now,” due to its inky aesthetic: its internal organs and muscles are entirely black—which means its heart is, by extension, black. Only its cream-colored eggs and blood ...  View More
February 4, 2017 Jason

Watch: Pet Chicken Playing “Chicken Sonata” On Mini Piano

The rooster may crow, but the chickens perform classical music symphonies on the piano. French musician Igorrr (aka Gautier Serre) created "My Chicken's Symphony" with the help of a few talented feathered friends. After sprinkling a handful of seeds across the piano keys, he let the chickens take over; and what they produced is pretty impressive.  View More
October 12, 2016 Megan