Volkswagen reimagines superheroes as real-life exotic cars

Volkswagen superheroes real-life cars-10
We all know that superheroes like to get around in style, whether it’s Batman’s Batmobile or Captain America’s motorbike. But what if our favorite superheroes from the Marvel and DC universes had to buy their rides in the real world? Volkswagen Motor Parts transformed the biggest heroes from both Marvel and DC into cars and the results are pretty damn cool.  View More
May 27, 2017 Jason

Naked possessed woman Lisa Luna steals police car in Arizona – Video

Naked woman Lisa Luna steals police car Arizona-1
A naked woman who told police she was raped — a claim she later recanted — calmly approached a police officer and asked him for clothing before stealing his vehicle and leading authorities on a 70-mile high-speed chase, newly released video shows. Deputy Francisco Campillo of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spotted Lisa Luna, 31, of Mesa, Ariz., completely nude as she walked on S. Butterfield Road in Gila Bend on Jan. 5. “Hey, you OK?” Campillo said. “Where’s all your clothes ...  View More
January 15, 2017 Jessica

Watch: Giovanna Parascandolo builds a Fiat 500 engine in one take

Giovanna Parascandolo Fiat 500 Engine-13
Giovanna Parascandolo, 21 years old, lives in Rome where she studies architecture at the "Architettura Valle Giulia" University. She works at a local restaurant and enjoys traveling, the night life, and her boyfriend "Leonardo". But Giovanna is a young woman of many passions and among them is a car: The iconic Fiat 500. She recently shared a video on Youtube, where you can see her assembly a Fiat 500 engine in time-lapse. In just 3:51 minutes a complete Fiat 500 engine is produced from hundreds ...  View More
December 7, 2016 Megan

Lexus and Vevo create the “LIT IS” covered with 41,999 LEDs

Lexus Vevo LIT IS 41999 LEDs
The car, dubbed the "LIT IS", was created as part of a collaboration between Lexus and video streaming service Vevo to promote UK singer Dua Lipa’s new video, "Be The One". To create this colorful chameleon of a car, Lexus engineers applied all 41,999 programmable LED lights by hand. If placed end-to-end, the LED stripes would stretch half a mile in length. In a statement to describe this insanely indulgent but undoubtedly cool little project Lexus declared: "This unique collaboration between ...  View More
December 6, 2016 Megan

Photographer Martin Usborne captures “The Silence of Dogs in Cars”

Martin Usborne Silence of Dogs in Cars-10
I was once left in a car at a young age. I don’t know when or where or for how long, possibly at the age of four, perhaps outside a supermarket, probably for fifteen minutes only. The details don’t matter. The point is that I wondered if anyone would come back. The fear I felt was strong: in a child’s mind it is possible to be alone forever. Around the same age I began to feel a deep affinity with animals – in particular their plight at the hands of humans. I saw a TV documentary that ...  View More
November 30, 2016 Joshua

Thanksgiving: Los Angeles 405 freeway does the Mannequin Challenge

los angeles Thanksgiving getaway traffic jam
An ABC7 Eyewitness News helicopter captured the miles-long gridlock on the 405 freeway in the Los Angeles area on Tuesday during the great Thanksgiving getaway. From the sky, the head and tail lights of thousands of cars on either side of the freeway combined to create a somewhat hypnotic scene. The aerial footage has gone viral and social media users had some fun: "it looks like the 405 interstate has been decorated with Christmas lights", "It's called the 405 for a reason: It takes you '4 o' ...  View More
November 25, 2016 Jessica

Carpool DeVille: 1969 Cadillac turned into world’s fastest hot tub

This vehicle gives a whole new meaning to the term "carpool." Engineers Duncan Forster and Phil Weicker converted a 1969 Cadillac DeVille into a working hot tub on wheels. According to Forster, "You haven’t really lived until you’ve sat in a hot tub and watched the world roll by." This is the dream of Carpool DeVille: That a fully functional hot tub can be wed with an appropriately modified sedan to achieve a thrilling, seamless marriage of these two great American pastimes.  View More
November 22, 2016 Jason

Video: Stunt driver Han Yue laps Nurburgring on 2 wheels in a Mini.

Chinese stunt driver Han Yue now holds the record for the fastest two-wheeled automotive lap of the "Ring", setting a barely believable time of 45 minutes. The Nürburgring is widely considered the ultimate test of man and machine. The 12.9-mile racetrack that twists and turns through the densely wooded Eifel mountains in western Germany claims crumpled wings, wrecked engines and bruised egos almost daily.  View More
November 13, 2016 Tiffany

The “Grappler” is a new device to stop cars during police pursuits.

In an attempt to reduce the chance of injury or death during car chases, a company called Grappler Police Bumpers has invented a unique pursuit termination device that quickly and safely brings a car chase to a controlled stop. The Grappler launches a tether from the police car’s front bumper, which snags the criminal’s rear wheels, preventing the axle from turning, and resulting in a surprisingly controlled stop. A clever invention that could help police bring a swift end to high-speed ...  View More
November 4, 2016 Michael
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