TribeTokes Cannabis-themed Cards Wish You A “Merryjuana Christmas”

TribeTats cannabis christmas cards-8
TribeTokes, run by female entrepreneurs in NYC, creates marijuana-related merchandise. Seeing a gap in Hallmark's collection, Degelis Tufts, CEO of TribeTokes has put together a series of cannabis-themed Christmas cards for the cultivated consumer. Everyone has at least 2-3 friends who would love nothing more than to adorn their fireplace mantle with a subtle celebration of the canabis festivus that are these cards. Your lucky friends will find themselves squealing in delight when they tear open ...  View More
December 18, 2016 Jason

“Vapen Clear” Introduces The “Weed Inhaler”

Vapen Clear Weed Inhaler
The Vapen Clear Inhaler is a pharmaceutical grade pressurized metered dose inhaler that contains 1,000 mg of medication per canister. Each cartridge packs 100 puffs per cartridge; each puff delivers 10mg. The use of aerosol as a delivery method is a more effective way to medicate than smoking or vaping since very little is exhaled. There is also little to no smell when exhaling, making it more discreet. Independent laboratory tests show Vapen Clear products contain up to 99.52 percent total ...  View More
December 1, 2016 Joshua