LE CONTE First Visual Candle Reveals A Hidden Artwork As It Burns

LECONTE first visual candle
California-based Le Conte Candles has recently announced the launch of an innovative candle that combines designer scents with an added visual experience. The Le Conte Candles are beautiful, hand-poured candles made of natural soy wax and perfume-grade oils and in addition to their wonderful scents, users are also able to discover, as the candle burns, a hidden artwork created by talented New York-based artists: 'Candles for too long have suffered from lack of imagination' says Peter Yoo, Le ...  View More
March 14, 2017 Jason

Indian Barber Dasharath Kumar Gives Haircuts With A Burning Candle.

Meet Dasharath Kumar of Raj Men’s Parlour, who uses candles for haircuts. The barber shop, located in the Shahabad village of Karnataka, is known for the unique technique used by the owner. Dasharath burns the edges of customer’s hair first and then cuts it in style. He has been doing the job from the past 6 years, impressing people in the village. Dasharath stumbled upon this style of cutting when one day electricity went off in his salon and he thought of using candle flame to cut hair. ...  View More
November 12, 2016 Tiffany

“New Mac” Candles That Smell Like New MacBook Sold Out In 2 Hours

If you love the smell of a new Mac, you can now buy it. Twelve South is a company that designs accessories exclusively for Apple products. It sells things like iPhone cases and iPad covers, and now apparently sells scented candles. The Independent reports that the “New Mac Soy Candle” burns for up to 55 hours, effusing the fragrance of a newly opened Mac laptop.  View More
October 9, 2016 Joshua