Pastry Chef Cedric Grolet’s Playful, Delicious Rubik’s Cube Cakes

Cedric Grolet - Rubik cube cake-9
One thing is better than a mind-based puzzle, and that’s a puzzle made of cake. Pastry chef and general genius of baking, Cédric Grolet (2016 best pastry chef according to the Relais Desserts association), is getting loads of attention on the internet thanks to his snazzy Rubik’s cake. This appetizing geometric creation in tribute to the famous Rubik’s Cube is served in the Le Dali restaurant of the prestigious hotel Le Meurice, Paris. The Rubik’s cake is made of teeny cubes of cakes ...  View More
April 5, 2017 Jessica

Pedagiggle Creates Magical Space Cake With A Galaxy Baked Inside

Pedagiggle galaxy space cake-3
There's nothing more magical than outer space when you're a kid, so this mom decided to make her son the coolest space-themed birthday cake ever, and it's going to put all your childhood cakes to shame. Imgur user Pedagiggle showed off photos of the cake she made for her son's birthday, and from the looks of the outside, it doesn't look too much cooler than the ones you got custom made from the grocery store bakery as a kid. I mean it's blue, there's some planets, and the standard birthday ...  View More
February 23, 2017 Joshua

Marie Troitski’s Sublime Chocolate Worlds On Mirror Glaze Cakes

Marie Troitski chocolate worlds on mirror glaze cakes-15
Marie Troïtski is a pastry chef from Moscow, Russia who uses her experience in architectural design to create one-of-a-kind pastry creations: 'I was born into a family of architects. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother – all the architects. Of course, I was greatly influenced architecture during my adolescence. Many people are surprised that I was fascinated by the art of pastry, having decided to lose weight. First I cooked diet desserts for myself. I liked the cooking process. Then I ...  View More
February 18, 2017 Jessica

Art Afternoon Tea: A Glamorous Collection Of Edible Masterpieces

Art Afternoon Tea Rosewood Hotel London-1
This January, Rosewood London will debut a new Art Afternoon Tea in the hotel’s luxurious Mirror Room. The Art Afternoon Tea was created by the hotel’s head pastry chef Mark Perkins, who drew inspiration from five of the world’s most famous artists: Banksy, Alexander Calder, Damien Hirst, Yayoi Kusama, and Mark Rothko. The tea begins in traditional British fashion with delicate sandwiches and freshly baked scones, and continues with a collection of edible masterpieces based on the works of ...  View More
January 26, 2017 Jason

This ’24 Carrot’ Gold Bar Cake Looks Almost Too Expensive To Eat

Paige Russell instructables 24 Carrot Gold Bar Cake-6
Designer Paige Russell has created the most expensive cake in the world, called the 24 Carrot Cake. The decadent gold treat looks like it belongs in a bank. Luckily, this cake isn’t just for the rich and famous, as Russell released a step-by-step video and recipe guide on the Instructables. Though it may look (and sound) expensive, the carrot cake gets its name from the 24 baby carrots included in the recipe. Head over to Instructables to get the full recipe for the 24 Carrot Cake and put your ...  View More
January 26, 2017 Jason

Mirror Cakes And Colorful Pastry Creations By Chef Ksenia Penkina

Ksenia Penkina Mirror cakes pastry creations-8
Forget cupcakes and rainbow bagels – the internet’s latest Instagram obsession is mirror-glazed mousse cakes, and no one can do it quite like Ksenia Penkina Patisserie. "They are made of natural ingredients, real cream, milk, fruits and berries, premium chocolates and top-class biscuits", says Vancouver-based Penkina. "It is all made from scratch... It takes three days to make one mousse cake due to very unique and rare techniques used to produce them. If it is made correctly and covered ...  View More
December 23, 2016 Joshua

The Giant Gingerbread Big Ben At Holkham Hall Christmas Showcase

gingerbread Big Ben Holkham Hall Christmas showcase-3
The world-famous Big Ben clock tower, designed by Sir Charles Barry, has been recreated as a giant gingerbread Christmas centerpiece featuring kilos of edible treats. The baked festive homage to the 19th Century tower features as part of the Christmas attractions at Holkham Hall in north Norfolk. Created by award-winning baker Emma Thorburn, it stands at 5ft 4in tall (1.6m) and features 12kg (26lbs) of colored sugar paste, 1,400 gilded gingerbread men and thousands of cake sprinkles. Twelve ...  View More
December 19, 2016 Jason

The Lumberjack Cake With A Plaid Pattern Inside By Elizabeth Marek

Lumberjack plaid cake Elizabeth Marek-1
Portland-based cake artist Elizabeth Marek has created a lumberjack tree trunk cake that comes complete with an edible axe on top and a tasty plaid pattern in the middle. Elizabeth was inspired to make the cake while watching her husband chop down a Christmas tree, so its secret ingredient is clearly love. "I'm in love with lumberjacks," she wrote. "It makes sense. I love trees. I love beards. I love plaid. This lumberjack cake is a culmination of almost all my obsessions."  View More
November 18, 2016 Jason

Donald Trump Has A Donald Trump Cake At His Election Night Party.

A Donald Trump cake bust was spotted outside Trump Tower in Manhattan on Tuesday evening, where Trump said he will be watching the election results with family and friends. Later, the cake was on display at Trump's Election Night party. Donald Trump’s face was covered in eggs, edible paint, and vodka. Baker Melissa Alt said she used those ingredients to make a cake version of the Republican presidential candidate. “It’s edible paint, so it’s a powdered pigment that you paint it with ...  View More
November 9, 2016 Tiffany
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