Ironic Illustrations Of People Who Want Artists To Work For Free

Ironic illustrations clients ask for free work
Ryan Estrada runs a hilarious and unfortunately accurate Twitter account dedicated to the topic of clients asking for free work. He calls it 'For Exposure'. Now if you've ever tried to work as a freelancer, you know exactly what he's talking about. After seeing the response to artist and writer Ryan Estrada's Twitter account asking for quotations from people who want artists to work for free, Format Magazine commissioned artist Emmie Tsumura to draw those people. There's something wonderfully ...  View More
February 11, 2017 Jason

There Is A War Between Facebook Engineers And Adblock Developers.

There is a fierce battle between the Adblock developer community and Facebook's own engineers. While Facebook makes 84 percent of its ad revenue on mobile, desktop still contributes a meaningful amount to its total revenue. When Facebook announced earlier this year that it had beaten Adblock, it took just days for Adblock Plus to find a way around the Adblock-block. But then Facebook engineers nullified that change and has managed to keep ads flowing through Adblock Plus ever since. Facebook ...  View More
November 4, 2016 Michael

Nintendo Started In 1889. Selling Handmade Playing Cards.

Nintendo was founded as a card company in late 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi. Based in Kyoto, Japan, the business produced and marketed a playing card game called "Hanafuda". The handmade cards soon became popular, and Yamauchi hired assistants to mass-produce cards to satisfy demand. In 1949, the company adopted the name Nintendo Karuta Co., Ltd., doing business as The Nintendo Playing Card Co. outside Japan.  View More
October 22, 2016 Jessica

The “PopUp House” Can Be Built In A Month With Just A Screwdriver

French design house Multipod Studio recently unveiled a new custom home building system that is lightweight, recyclable, inexpensive to purchase, and very efficient to run. The PopUp House can be constructed without the need for power tools or heavy machinery. Everything can be made from treated lumber, insulation blocks and wood screws.  View More
October 20, 2016 Jessica

Vitality Air Is A Booming Company. They Sell “fresh Air” To China.

Moses Lam was an overworked mortgage broker when he started selling bags of air from Canada on eBay as a joke. Now his company, Vitality Air, is scrambling to keep up with demand from China. "Our Chinese website keeps crashing. We are getting orders from all over the country, not just from the wealthier cities. When the air is bad, we see spikes in sales," said Harrison Wang, China representative for Vitality Air. "The smog is definitely our best advertising," Wang added.  View More
October 17, 2016 Tiffany

AdBlock, The Popular Browser Extension, Is Now Selling Ads

AdBlock Plus, the popular browser extension that does exactly what it sounds like, has actually been in the ad business for a long time, letting unobtrusive “acceptable” ads through, taking a percentage of the proceeds. Some publishers characterize this as a shakedown, but the company behind AdBlock Plus says that it’s simply trying to make ads more pleasant and less disruptive for everyone. Now the company is going into the business of selling ads.  View More
September 17, 2016 Joshua

E-Ink Billboards On The Back Of Semi-trailer Trucks Might Be The Future Of Advertising

With their tall, flat, prominent surfaces, the rear ends of transport truck trailers make an ideal advertising platform. Given that such trucks travel across continents, however, the ads on them can't be for regional businesses … right? Well, they soon could. Germany's RoadAds has developed e-ink displays that are mounted on the back of trailers, and that automatically change content depending on their location.  View More
September 16, 2016 Jessica
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