The Dripping Ink Portraits Of Women On Vintage Books By Loui Jover

Loui Jover Women Portraits Vintage books-4
Loui Jover is an artist based in Queensland, Australia who creates eye catching portraits of women by using pen and dripping ink on vintage book pages. His hyper-realistic style and lines of words inserted in the middle of faces give a one of a kind meaning and back story to his art and show the complicated emotions on a woman’s face. The ink drops are just at the right places to depict the flow of tears silently falling on a woman’s face. The deliberate use of vintage book paper adds a ...  View More
November 20, 2016 Jason

The Irony Of Johan Deckmann’s Made-up Self-help Book Covers

Johan Deckmann is both an artist and a psychotherapist living in Copenhagen. "Whether I’m practicing therapy or working as an artist, I’m uncovering some kind of truth and I consider that as a gift. I seek this curiosity, honesty and creativity in everything I do. I am deeply fascinated by the beauty and irony of being. I believe that humor and honesty are both crucial for a happy and healthy existence."  View More
October 23, 2016 Jessica