Scott Rogowsky Reads Fake Books About Trump In Subway – Video

Scott Rogowsky Running Late Show books Trump subway-1
Scott Rogowsky of the YouTube series “Running Late Show” issued his latest video showing the host perusing falsely titled books on the subway. These tomes from the "Unpresidented Edition" include: Newt Gingrich's "Fantastic Nukes & Where To Drop Them", Hemingway's "The Old Man And The Rising Sea Levels", "How To Win Friends And Influence Elections", "How to Succeed in Business without Paying Your Contractors" and Mike Pence’s "Prejudice & Prejudice". Rogowsky says all ad revenue ...  View More
January 12, 2017 Jessica

The Irony Of Johan Deckmann’s Made-up Self-help Book Covers

Johan Deckmann is both an artist and a psychotherapist living in Copenhagen. "Whether I’m practicing therapy or working as an artist, I’m uncovering some kind of truth and I consider that as a gift. I seek this curiosity, honesty and creativity in everything I do. I am deeply fascinated by the beauty and irony of being. I believe that humor and honesty are both crucial for a happy and healthy existence."  View More
October 23, 2016 Jessica