Watch: Model Walks Around London With No Jeans, Body Painting Only

Model walks London body painting only-3
A model was sent strutting down a busy London street in jeans that were literally painted on to see if anyone would actually notice. The trend for extreme super skinny jeans has made men and women in painfully tight trousers a common sight. Our experiment shows just how used to the look people must be as only 12 passersby seem to notice the model's unusual 'outfit'. Body paint artist Sarah Attwell spent two hours painting the fake jeans on Kelly Klein for the MailOnline experiment. So did people ...  View More
December 26, 2016 Joshua

Trina Merry Body Painting Series “Sweet Land Of Liberty”

Trina Merry body painting-9
Dodging people, traffic, and even at times, police, Merry uses guerrilla tactics to create live painting performances on the street and documents them with photography. Her hyper-real illusions camouflage subjects into their surroundings. These momentarily reflects the temporal nature of her surroundings in a manner similar to Tibetan sand painters: "Bodypaint is an ancient art form and the use of ochre on the skin dates back 425,000 years and has a deeper part in all of our cultures than people ...  View More
December 9, 2016 Michael

The Optical Illusion Body Painting By Japanese Artist Chooo-San

Chooo-San is a 19 years old Japanese art student who creates mind-bending optical illusions on human body without any digital manipulation. Using acrylic paints only, she combines a surreal inspiration with a great attention to detail. Multiple mouths, six eyes or even protruding batteries, Chooo-San has an incredible talent for transforming her subjects into cyborgs, animal/human hybrids, mutants and dolls. It all began when Chooo-San was taking breaks from university exams. "I guess I was a ...  View More
November 8, 2016 Tiffany