‘Paperfuge’ Is A Smart And Vital $0.20 DIY Blood Testing Device

Paperfuge DIY blood testing device-1
A centrifuge is a vital piece of kit for hospitals and labs across the world. But what if you could make one out of paper and string? The so-called ‘paperfuge’ is the cheapest and fastest hand-spun centrifuge ever designed — and it can reach speeds of up to 125,000 revolutions per minute. Nature Video reveals how this invention will allow basic diagnostic tests in areas without laboratory resources or electricity. The paper has been published in Nature Biomedical Engineering. You can read ...  View More
January 29, 2017 Jason

Swedish Blood Donors Get A Text Each Time Their Blood Saves A Life

There are about 410,000 registered donors in Sweden, and nearly 250,000 of those donate blood at least once a year. Blood donors in Sweden are getting some positive reinforcement by receiving thank-you text messages when their blood is used. Donors get the text when they donate and another when their blood is put in a person's veins. Donors in Sweden are required to speak, read and understand Swedish.  View More
October 19, 2016 Jason