Bikini And Vagina Birthday Cakes At Louisiana State Capitol

Bikini vagina cake Louisiana State Capitol-3
While at work in the State Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Senator Karen Carter Peterson noticed a birthday cake in the shape of a bikini clad torso in honor of Rep. Mark Abraham’s 63rd birthday. She also found out that there was a second cake removed that depicted a vagina. Peterson was disgusted at the misogyny evident in the gesture and smashed the cake: "The Louisiana State Capitol is not a locker room. If they choose to celebrate a birthday that way, then they should have done that ...  View More
November 21, 2016 Jason

In An Office Of 57 People, There Is A 99% Chance That 2 Of Them Share A Birthday

Once the population of an office hits 366 people, it's a certainty that two people in your office have the same birthday, since there are only 365 possible days of birth. Still, assuming that each birth date (except February 29) is equally likely, it turns out that once your office has 57 people in it there is a 99% chance that two of them share a birthday. When there is 23 people, that probability is 50%.  View More
October 13, 2016 Megan