10 Million People Died In Congo Under King Leopold II Of Belgium

King Leopold II of Belgium Congo-9
Leopold II (1835 – 1909) was the second King of the Belgians, known for the founding and exploitation of the Congo Free State as a private venture. Born in Brussels as the second son of Leopold I and Louise of Orleans. He succeeded his father to the Belgian throne in 1865 and reigned for 44 years until his death. He died without surviving male issue; the current Belgian king descends from his nephew and successor, Albert I.  ...  View More
January 29, 2017 Jason

Shadowology: Vincent Bal Ingenious Doodles Playing With Shadows

Shadowology Vincent Bal doodle shadow-5
Belgian film-maker and artist Vincent Bal stumbled upon an uncanny resemblance to an elephant in the shadow of his tea cup. This gave him the idea for Shadowology, a series of doodles that interact with the shadows of simple, everyday objects. Most of us see a shadow and think nothing of it. The most we’ll do is perhaps remark at what a neat pattern it makes, but Vincent Bal sees so much more. He sees entire scenes, scenes that he goes on to create using the layout of the shadow.  View More
November 23, 2016 Jason

The “Average Rob” Hilarious Photoshops With Celebrities

Average Rob photoshop celebrities
The self-described "mediocre dude from Belgium" Average Rob has probably never met and will never meet icons like Obama, Hillary Clinton, Beyonce or Taylor Swift but it's not really a problem. Thanks to his Photoshop skills he can instantly insert himself in the photos of stars and celebrities and become a pal and a confidant to anyone in the pop-culture stratosphere. Average Rob seems to be omnipresent, mingling with the rich, famous, and powerful in all sorts of locations around the world. An ...  View More
November 20, 2016 Jason