Meet ‘Funnie The Fundroid’, The Beer-and-pizza Delivery Robot

Funnie The Fundroid beer-and-pizza delivery robot-5
Delivery robots are starting to hit the streets, but few do it with as much 'joie de vivre' as a new device called the Fundroid. The gender-neutral beer-and-pizza-fetching robot, lovingly nicknamed Funnie, debuted at the Software For Artists event in Brooklyn, New York. Funnie made its way to a nearby pizza store and bodega to order, pay for and deliver food and beverages to the guests at nonprofit foundation Pioneer Works, which hosted the event.   View More
February 6, 2017 Jason

Scary Coffee: Jo Scravis Hand Sculpted Monster Mugs

Jo Scravis monster mugs-10
Add a shot of horror to your drink of choice with these highly detailed gruesome mugs. Artist Jo Scravis of ScravisMugs has created an awesome collection of beer and coffee mugs that feature the faces of all sorts of deadly monsters. They are available to purchase from his Etsy store. Each mug is hand-sculpted from stoneware and porcelain and is dishwasher and microwave safe. 'I’ve been creating pottery for approximately 10 years. All of my mugs are hand sculpted and one of a kind – right ...  View More
February 4, 2017 Jason

Beer Yoga Will Help You Achieve A Higher State Of Being

Beer Yoga-5
Beer yoga is just what it sounds like, the same sweat-inducing practice of heavy breathing and postures, except combined with drinking cold, sweaty beers at the same time. The practice started out in Berlin, Germany (of course) and is now soaring to popularity in Australia (of course). But don't let those lighthearted drinking cultures fool you: The BierYoga company takes itself surprisingly seriously: 'BeerYoga is fun but it's no joke', founder and yogi Jhula writes. 'We take the philosophies ...  View More
January 18, 2017 Joshua

Male Giant Jewel Beetles Prefer To Mate With Beer Bottles

Giant Jewel Beetles mate with beer bottles-4
The Giant Jewel Beetle ('Julodimorpha bakewelli') has a shiny, brown exterior similar to that of a beer bottle. The male jewel beetle has evolved to be attracted to certain features of the female jewel beetle that allow the male jewel beetle to identify a female as it flies across the desert. These features include size, color, and texture. However, these physical traits are seen manifested in beer bottles as well. As a result, male jewel beetles often consider beer bottles more attractive than ...  View More
January 16, 2017 Jessica