BBC Real Housewives Of ISIS Is Hilarious But Sparks Controversy

BBC Real Housewives of ISIS
"It's only three days to the beheading and I've got no idea what to wear!". A BBC comedy sketch called "The Real Housewives Of ISIS" has sparked a furious backlash after being branded "tasteless" and "insensitive" by viewers. The sketch show, a satire of an American series about wealthy housewives in New York and Beverly Hills, depicts Muslim women taking selfies wearing suicide vests. One of the characters bursts into tears because her husband "won't stop talking about his 40 virgins", a ...  View More
January 6, 2017 Jason

Watch: James Corden Carpool Karaoke Was Inspired By George Michael

James Corden Carpool Karaoke George Michael
In 2011, James Corden's first-ever Carpool Karaoke, which starred George Michael, aired on the BBC as part of a show to benefit the British charity "Comic Relief", long before he was the host of The Late Late Show. James Corden talked about making the first segment in an interview with Howard Stern back in June: "We sat in the car and we were singing Wham! songs, and we couldn't really put our finger on: 'Why is this so joyful? There's just a joy in it and we couldn't really work out why". ...  View More
December 29, 2016 Megan

Watch: The Iguana Vs Snakes Chase Scene From BBC “Planet Earth 2”

The Planet Earth team is legendary for their careful filming, editing, and scoring to turn the everyday survival of animals into something action directors can only dream of. But this might be their greatest moment so far. The terrifying footage of the race between big snakes and a baby iguana in the Galapagos Islands had many people yelling at their TV screens. Possibly the most horrifying, fascinating, and unforgettable piece of wildlife documentary ever.  View More
November 8, 2016 Tiffany