Melissa Nordan Poetic Photos Of Little Ballerinas In Flower Skirts

Melissa Nordan Flower Skirts photo series-9
Mother of three and photographer Melissa Nordan portrays the essence of dainty little ballerinas with the help of her camera. In her frame, an endearing little dancer is seen to be posing in various ballet moves, the artist juxtaposing a flower on the ballerina’s poofy skirt. Melissa captures the beauty of the fragile flowers in full bloom and the subtle fierceness of the tiny ballet enthusiast in each frame of the series, her lens zooming in on the delicate petals and its green stem: 'I took ...  View More
February 9, 2017 Jason

Body Positive: Ballerina Lizzy Howell Smashes Stereotypes

Ballerina Lizzy Howell smashes stereotypes-5
A video of a 15-year-old named Lizzy Howell completely killing it on the dance floor has gone viral because she's breaking stereotypes about dancers' bodies, and also totally showing off her mad skills. Lizzy posted a video of herself doing a type of pirouette in ballet called a fouetté on her Instagram last year. Recently, though, it's been posted around the internet as people marvel at Lizzy's skills. She twirls around with poise and grace, and with each rotation she's proving that you don't ...  View More
February 5, 2017 Jason