AVOLATTE: Truman Cafe In Melbourne Serves Coffee Inside An Avocado

AVOLATTE coffee in avovado-3
The modern culture obsession with avocados has come under the spotlight once more after a Melbourne cafe showcased a new idea for the desirable fruit. Truman Cafe in Albert Park posted a short video of their ingenious innovation to their Instagram account of a coffee being poured into a previously used avocado skin. Captioned 'Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions - lattes and avo', the post comes amid hype around millennials paying high prices for avocado breakfasts and coffees. As pioneering ...  View More
May 21, 2017 Michael

The Avocado Portraits Of Celebrities By Artist Boris Toledo Doorm

Chile-based artist Boris Toledo Doorm is an avocado lover. He draws the amazingly detailed portraits using the fruit, and then eats the results: “I usually breakfast bread with avocado every day. One day I had a lot of avocado on the plate and a picture in front of me, without thinking I started sketching this face, getting an interesting result. Since that day I have conducted various portraits, using avocado, fork and a knife. I invite you to see the results of my last breakfasts :D”  View More
October 22, 2016 Jessica