Classic paintings reimagined as fandoms for geek by Lothlenan

lothlenan classical paintings-14
Who doesn’t love crossovers between pop culture and classy art? A digital artist on Tumblr named Lothlenan has created this beautiful series of famous classic paintings from different eras and styles reimagined with characters from popular geeky fandoms! There's Sailor Moon, Totoro, Steven Universe, The Legend of Zelda, Adventure Time and more on their page in this ongoing series! And there's even prints and more available in their Redbubble Store!  View More
May 24, 2017 Jason

Mark Jenkins haunting, disquieting, hilarious mannequin sculptures

Mark Jenkins mannequin sculptures-16
American street artist Mark Jenkins is the creative mind behind these amazing lifelike mannequin sculptures which he installs in public places, much to the bafflement of the general public across big cities all over the world. Haunting and disquieting, Jenkins’ sculptures seek to provoke their viewers, and provoke they do – distress, horror and anxiety surely being key responses to his public works. Looking at his suicidal, building-jumping mannequin, the one laying face down in a pond like ...  View More
May 22, 2017 Jessica

Jeff Langevin portraits of women empowered with natural forces

Jeff Langevin women portraits-19
Jeff Langevin is a freelance artist and designer with a BFA in Graphic Design currently living in Oregon. His work includes emotional, figural paintings which explore the relationship between humans and nature, artistic interpretations and graphic works inspired by popular culture, and a wide variety of branding and logo design: 'As an artist I am interested in creating imagery that is figural, imaginative and emotional. Working with a combination of traditional and digital tools, my work ...  View More
May 22, 2017 Megan

Costa Magarakis surreal shoes tell the most imaginative stories

Costa Magarakis surreal shoes-20
Costa Magarakis is a fine art trained artist working with different kinds of mediums and specializing in sculptures. His work can be expressed as a gothic wonderland illuminating the gray area between truths and lies. His work is often a combination of grotesque imagery that is drawn from modern symbols and icons merged with mythology, religion and science. He lives and works In Tel-Aviv, a city that continues to inspire his dark visions: 'I often find archetypes in old children’s books and ...  View More
May 21, 2017 Tiffany

The SEATED BALLERINA inflatable sculpture by Jeff Koons in NYC

Jeff Koons Seated Ballerina NYC
In the middle of Rockefeller Center, Jeff Koons has installed a 45-foot-high inflatable nylon sculpture that towers above visitors to the iconic new york city plaza. The larger-than-life 'Seated Ballerina' — scaled up from the artist’s 'Antiquity' series — symbolically refers to themes of beauty and connectivity, serving as a contemporary interpretation of the mythological goddess Venus. The project is intended to raise awareness of national missing children’s month in May. 'This ...  View More
May 20, 2017 Tiffany

SLEEP SERIES: Maryam Ashkanian embroiders dreaming faces on pillows

SLEEP SERIES embroidered pillows Maryam Ashkanian-11
Born in 1988, Iranian, graduated at Bandar Anzali Plastic Art School, Maryam Ashkanian had already made a name for herself as a painter and sculptor when she turned to embroidery. With the 'Sleeping Series' collection, she captures the world of dreams and subconscious, sewing on soft pillows the dreamers’ faces surprised in their inner expressions during the night. In her view, our dreams allow us to enter a broader universe, where sleeping people are observers of other worlds. This view is ...  View More
May 15, 2017 Megan

MONEYGAMI: One-Dollar-Bill stunning origami creations by Won Park

Won Park One-Dollar-Bill origami-13
Artist Won Park puts a new twist on origami, the traditional Japanese art of folding paper into intricate sculptures, by fashioning his tiny creations out of United States One Dollar bills. Bending, twisting, and folding, Won Park creates life-like shapes inspired by objects living and not both in stunning detail. Dollar bill origami uses similar techniques to traditional origami. However, the shape and texture of money sometimes require a different set of steps than creating the same design ...  View More
May 15, 2017 Jason

Lorenzo Quinn SUPPORT: A powerful message about rising sea levels

Lorenzo Quinn SUPPORT-9
Artist Lorenzo Quinn is known for his work with the human body, specifically hands, that he incorporates into everything from large-scale sculptures down to jewelry designs. He has just finished the installation of a monumental sculpture for the 2017 Venice Biennale. Titled 'Support', the piece depicts a pair of gigantic hands rising from the water to support the sides of the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, a visual statement of the impact of climate change and rising sea levels on the historic city and ...  View More
May 15, 2017 Jason

Sally Nixon illustrates what girls do when no one is watching

Sally Nixon girls when no one watching-17
Women live in a world in which their appearance is constantly evaluated. Unless they are utterly alone, they rarely have the privilege of not having their physical presentation judged. In Sally Nixon’s illustrations, women don’t know that we can see them. They’re not posing, smiling, or doing anything all that interesting, and this is what makes Nixon’s works fascinating. 'The women I draw come from my imagination for the most part, however, each of them, in one way or another, is a ...  View More
March 27, 2017 Jessica
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