Watch: Artist Cynthia Delaney Suwito Is Knitting Noodles

Cynthia Delaney Suwito Knitting Noodles
It is lunchtime and Cynthia Delaney Suwito is cooking a packet of instant noodles. But it’s not for a quick meal. Rather, she’s using it to make a piece of art. With her nifty knitting needles, the 23-year-old Singapore-based Indonesian artist is creating a small tapestry comprising strands of cooked instant noodles. Her needlework - or noodlework, as it were - is called Knitting Noodles, and it’s a performance piece: "I’ve been knitting instant noodles since late 2014. I was doing it ...  View More
January 4, 2017 Tiffany

Vivienne Westwood Son Joe Corre Burns Sex Pistols Memorabilia

Sex Pistols Memorabilia Burn-9
Joe Corre, son of former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and designer Vivienne Westwood, set fire to clothes and Memorabilia he valued at between 6 and 12 million dollars, on the 40th anniversary of the band’s debut single “Anarchy in the UK”. “Punk was never meant to be nostalgic,” Corre said, addressing a crowd of around 100 people on the bank of the River Thames in the affluent Chelsea area of London. “Punk has become another marketing tool to sell you something you don’t ...  View More
November 27, 2016 Jessica

The “Monument To The Unelected” By Artist Nina Katchadourian

Nina Katchadourian’s "Monument to the Unelected" now includes the "I'm with Hillary 2016" sign. The art installation includes a series of 56 signs advertising the presidential campaigns of every person who ever ran for president, and lost. The art piece was originally commissioned in 2008 by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art for an exhibition entitled "Seriously Funny". Since then, the signs have been making brief appearances every 4 years for a few weeks leading up to the presidential ...  View More
November 12, 2016 Tiffany