Hair Artist Ursula Goff Dyes Hair To Look Like Famous Paintings

ursula goff hairstyle famous paintings-14
Ursula Goff is a Kansas-based hair stylist who specializes in creating vibrant hair color for clients. And now she’s showing off her incredible skills by dyeing people’s hair to look like her favorite paintings. Ursula explains that she’s loved art since the age of five and tends to 'color hair much the same way I color a canvas, using the same sorts of color application techniques and identical color theory'. Her unique reinterpretations of art history include iconic pieces like Van ...  View More
June 5, 2017 Megan

Shusaku Takaoka Merges Art History Icons With Modern Urban Life

Shusaku Takaoka art icons modern life-15
Japanese graphic designer Shusaku Takaoka uses his keen photo manipulation skills to take some of the world’s most iconic paintings and fuse them with the gritty urban environment. Using famous faces like Van Gogh and Mona Lisa, Takaoka merges them onto bodies sporting the latest fashions. He doesn’t shy away from lengthening their hair, adding stylish hats, or even placing a cigarette to their lips. The playful project gives a whole new meaning to these painted characters, who now look ...  View More
May 28, 2017 Jason

Alexey Kondakov Photoshops Renaissance Paintings Characters Today

Alexey Kondakov photoshops Renaissance today-6
As a union of history and modernity, ukranian artist Alexey Kondakov juxtaposes figures from the history of art with contemporary landscapes and scenes. The ongoing series ‘the daily life of gods’ sees classical paintings brought to everyday life, seamlessly integrated into the existing urban fabric. Carefully photoshopped onto buses, down alleyways, and in stores, caravaggio’s ‘david and golliath’, william-adolphe bouguereau’s ‘nymphs and satyr’, and cesar van everdingen’s ...  View More
February 6, 2017 Jason

“Nail Art History” Project By Susi Kenna And Mei Kawajiri

Nail Art History Susi Kenna Mei Kawajiri-1
When Susi Kenna and Mei Kawajiri decide to do nail art, they do a lot more than determine which pink will go with their outfit. Kenna is the co-chair of the Junior Associates of MoMA while Kawajiri is a professional nail artist based in New York City, and the two have put their artsy heads together to come up with "nail art history". Based on the works of iconic artists, Susi Kenna draws up the designs for the nail art while Mei Kawajiri handles the painting with the precision of a surgeon. ...  View More
December 14, 2016 Tiffany