Lawrence Ripple, 70, Robs A Bank To Be In Jail And Escape His Wife

Lawrence Ripple robbed bank escape wife-3
A 70-year-old man, who told investigators after robbing a Kansas bank that he'd rather be imprisoned than with his wife, has admitted carrying out the holdup. Lawrence Ripple pleaded guilty Monday in Kansas City, Kansas, to a federal bank robbery count. He faces up to 20 years in prison. Prosecutors and his defense attorney are free to argue what sentence they think is fair, reported the Kansas City Star. Ripple pleaded guilty without any plea deal. Court documents show that Ripple gave a Kansas ...  View More
January 30, 2017 Jason

Watch: The Best 2016 Robbery Fails

best 2016 robbery fails
New Zealand kebab shop owner ignores armed man and serves another customer instead - Drunk Aussie lads in flip-flops stop bungled shop robbery by snatching getaway vehicle car keys - Chinese restaurant owner chases off knife-wielding robber with two meat cleavers - Two armed robbers pepper spray and stab themselves accidentally - Service station attendant fights off armed robber with bags of lollies - Man robs taxi driver at gunpoint... in front of cops  View More
December 19, 2016 Jason