In Ukraine, If You Change Your Name To “iPhone 7”, You Can Win One.

Allo, a wireless service provider in Ukraine, offered a free iPhone 7 to each of the first 5 people who officially changed their name to "iPhone 7." In Ukraine, a legal name change only costs a few bucks, so once the company announced the terms of the giveaway, the race was on. To be declared a winner, each individual had to confirm their new legal name via their new passport with an Allo representative verifying its authenticity.  View More
October 31, 2016 Megan

“New Mac” Candles That Smell Like New MacBook Sold Out In 2 Hours

If you love the smell of a new Mac, you can now buy it. Twelve South is a company that designs accessories exclusively for Apple products. It sells things like iPhone cases and iPad covers, and now apparently sells scented candles. The Independent reports that the “New Mac Soy Candle” burns for up to 55 hours, effusing the fragrance of a newly opened Mac laptop.  View More
October 9, 2016 Joshua