Ozumii Wizard Turns Famous Fast-food Mascots Into Manga Characters

Ozumii Wizard fast-food mascots manga-14
If you have never heard the word 'gijinka' before, it’s a Japanese term used in the artist community to indicate when someone draws the human form of an animal, object or imaginary being (such as Pokémon). Digital artist from the Philippines, Ozumii Wizard, following a recent trend of creating inanimate objects and brands gijinkas, has created her own series of anime characters inspired by the marketing and branding of different fast food franchises. McDonalds is a cheerful redheaded boy, ...  View More
May 19, 2017 Megan

Star Wars Characters Drawn Anime-style By Twitter User “nohofrog”

Star Wars characters anime-style nohofrog-5
With the worldwide release of "Rogue One: a Star Wars story", like many fans, you have already braved the lines, the cold, or both to see it... three times. And now what? Sure, there’s Episode VIII, but that’s still a year away! What are you supposed to do until then? Don't worry, there are still plenty of ways for you to get your Star Wars fix including this artistic Twitter user "@nohofrog" who has been giving the galaxy far, far away an anime makeover.  View More
December 20, 2016 Jessica

Artist Robert DeJesus Turns Strangers Photos Into Anime Characters

Robert DeJesus anime drawing
American artist Robert DeJesus, aka "banzchan" is an illustrator, animator, and writer, and a long, long, long time fan of manga and anime since the 1970's. He draws Japanese anime-inspired portraits of total strangers based on the photographs they submit. Using pencil, his artworks incorporate the typical visual characteristics of an anime character like large eyes, big hair and exaggerated expressions. Have you ever wondered what you might look like as a cartoon character?  View More
December 6, 2016 Megan

One Finger Selfie Challenge: One Finger To Cover Boobs And Genital

One Finger Selfie challenge
The latest challenge sweeping across the internet seems to be the most controversial one as it involves private parts. The "One Finger Selfie challenge" dares girls to take a photo that censors both their nipples and crotch using only a single digit. The challenge was started in Japan by an illustration from Sky-FreeDom, a Japanese anime artist who released a photo of an anime character that uses one finger to cover her private parts. The image is an optical illusion of sorts and requires a ...  View More
November 28, 2016 Jessica