The Kaziranga National Park, India Kills People To Protect Rhinos

Kaziranga National Park kills people to protect rhinos-12
The authorities at a national park in India protect the wildlife by shooting suspected poachers dead. But has the war against poaching gone too far? Kaziranga National Park is an incredible story of conservation success. There were just a handful of Indian one-horned rhinoceros left when the park was set up a century ago in Assam, in India's far east. Now there are more than 2,400 - two-thirds of the entire world population. This is where David Attenborough's team came to film for Planet Earth ...  View More
February 15, 2017 Jessica

PETA Animal Rights Campaign Compares Animal Cruelty To Human Rape.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is well known for controversial and offensive advertising. Their latest campaign compares livestock born in the meat and dairy industries with human victims of sexual assault. Here’s how the ad ends: "Every year, billions of animals are born into the meat, egg and dairy industries. Almost all of them are a result of forcible artificial insemination. Almost all of them are a result of rape. Don’t participate, go vegan."  View More
November 4, 2016 Michael