Online Shopping Fails: Read The Small Print Before You Click “buy”

Online shopping fails-26
Buying products online sounds like a good idea but it's always risky. This goes double when shopping for clothes, since the photos they post can be misleading, and the quality of the product might be way off what was advertised. Unless it’s from a reputable site, chances are high that you’ll be disappointed when your purchase arrives. Here is a selection of the ultimate fails where people got nothing like what they expected. That will make you think twice before your next order online.  View More
March 28, 2017 Jessica

Terrified UK Mom Finds Deadly Scorpion In Amazon Prime Package

UK mom deadly scorpion Amazon Prime package-6
A terrified mum found one of the world’s deadliest scorpions in her Amazon package. Natasha Jones, from Kidderminster, Worcs, found the tropical scorpion as she was taking out the recycling - after the creature crawled into a package her fiance had ordered from Amazon. The venomous arachnid had somehow made its way into a rucksack Natasha and fiance Matt Strange had ordered through Amazon Prime the previous morning. The mum-of-two said: “I didn’t realize what it was at first, I just ...  View More
January 26, 2017 Jason

Man Buys Polar Fox Combat Shoes With Swastika Footprints On Amazon

Amazon swastika footprint Polar Fox Combat Shoes-3
When Reddit user FRSHFSHFCKR purchased new boots for work, he didn't think to check out the soles. It was only after he was walking around in his new boots that he realized he was leaving teeny, tiny swastikas everywhere he stepped. FRSHFSHFCKR posted side-by-side images of his boots and boot footprints on Imgur. "There was an angle I didn't get to see when ordering my new work boots," he wrote on Reddit. The boots, if you're curious, can be found on Amazon, and and the fact that they are ...  View More
January 10, 2017 Jessica