Beer Yoga Will Help You Achieve A Higher State Of Being

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Beer yoga is just what it sounds like, the same sweat-inducing practice of heavy breathing and postures, except combined with drinking cold, sweaty beers at the same time. The practice started out in Berlin, Germany (of course) and is now soaring to popularity in Australia (of course). But don't let those lighthearted drinking cultures fool you: The BierYoga company takes itself surprisingly seriously: 'BeerYoga is fun but it's no joke', founder and yogi Jhula writes. 'We take the philosophies ...  View More
January 18, 2017 Joshua

Male Giant Jewel Beetles Prefer To Mate With Beer Bottles

Giant Jewel Beetles mate with beer bottles-4
The Giant Jewel Beetle ('Julodimorpha bakewelli') has a shiny, brown exterior similar to that of a beer bottle. The male jewel beetle has evolved to be attracted to certain features of the female jewel beetle that allow the male jewel beetle to identify a female as it flies across the desert. These features include size, color, and texture. However, these physical traits are seen manifested in beer bottles as well. As a result, male jewel beetles often consider beer bottles more attractive than ...  View More
January 16, 2017 Jessica

Chinese Businessman Jason Wong Pays $8,800 For One Shot Of Cognac

Jason Wong most expensive Cognac shot-14
The shot in question was a Cognac Croizet Cuvée Leonie 1858, which was sold by the shot for the first time ever at the InterContinental Hong Kong. The reason that the cognac is so expensive is that the vines that grew the grapes to make it were all destroyed by a virus in the 1870s. There are now just a few bottles remaining. What’s more, it’s reported that Churchill and Eisenhower drank the cognac whilst discussing D-Day in 1944. As the bottle was opened to a satisfying pop, the crowd in ...  View More
November 21, 2016 Jason

Henry Earl Has Been Arrested Over 1,500 Times.

Lexington, Kentucky native Henry Earl, 65-year-old and dubbed “World’s Most Arrested Man”, has spent nearly 6,000 days — nearly 16 and a half years — in custody over the course of his life, almost entirely on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct. You can follow him in and out of jail on his Twitter account.  View More
October 31, 2016 Megan

Miranda Rader Was Taking A Topless Selfie When Her SUV Crashed Into A Police Car.

Miranda Rader, 19, rear-ended the patrol vehicle while sending nude photos to her boyfriend through the social media app Snapchat. The accident on Wednesday in Bryan, about 100 miles north of Houston, caused the airbag to deploy. The Texas A&M University student also had an open bottle of wine in a cup holder by her. The officer whose car had been hit approached Ms Rader to find she had an "unclasped brassiere" and was trying to put on her blouse.  View More
October 28, 2016 Joshua