At LAX, Netflix “Narcos” Is Pitched Inside TSA Security Trays

Passengers flying through Los Angeles International Airport spotted the subtle ads at the bottom of the trays Friday, which serve as an ironic way to plug a drama that includes major plot lines about smuggling mountains of drugs into the U.S. from South America during the ’70s and ’80s. "Narcos" is an highly-acclaimed original series about Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and the DEA agents trying to take him down.   View More
October 18, 2016 Jason

“Long Term Parking” Documentary Short Film By Lance Oppenheim Features An Improvised Village Of Airline Workers On LAX Airport Parking Lot

Taking a back-road shortcut to catch a flight from Los Angeles two years ago, I passed an obscure airline employee parking lot — and was surprised to see over 70 motor homes. It looked like there was an entire community planted right there in the parking lot of the airport. I wondered, who lived there — and why?  View More
September 16, 2016 Jessica