Punjab-based Restaurant ‘Hawai Adda’ Is Made Out Of An Airbus A320

Punjab restaurant Hawai Adda Airbus A320
Did you ever imagine eating in a restaurant that is inside an airplane? The ludhiana-based entrepreneur has made this a reality. Hawai Adda is the first airplane restaurant officially opened to the public after clearing all the required legal checks in Ludhiana. Hawai Adda is a swanky airplane restaurant made out of a junk Airbus 320 once flying for Air India. The name literally means 'airport' in Hindi and the ambiance replicates it. The restaurant, situated in the northern Indian city of ...  View More
February 1, 2017 Jason

A Saudi Prince Buys An Airplane Seat For Each Of His 80 Falcons

Saudi Prince 80 falcons on plane-1
In an unusual sight, a Saudi prince is claimed to have bought tickets of a passenger jet for his 80 falcons. A picture posted on Reddit has gone viral which shows a flock of blindfolded falcons seated on a plane around the cabin among passengers, each bird seemingly tied securely down to the seats. Reddit user 'lensoo' posted it online, writing: 'My captain friend sent me this photo. Saudi prince bought ticket for his 80 hawks'. Transportation of falcons, the national bird of the UAE, is not a ...  View More
January 31, 2017 Jason

100 Years Of Flight Attendant Uniforms By Conde Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler Flight Attendant Uniforms-3
Condé Nast Traveler has shared a video that takes a look at the evolution of flight attendant uniforms over the past century. It shows the evolution of flight attendant uniforms from tailored and professional in the 1940s, bright and colorful in the groovy 60s, the modern looks of today, and even potential designs for the future. Check out the classic and stylish uniforms that flight attendants wore in the past below.  View More
January 28, 2017 Jason

Video: Real “snake On A Plane” Episode On Mexico Flight

An Aeromexico plane was given priority landing after a massive snake dropped from the overhead compartment. Passengers were terrified but nobody was hurt and the flight landed safely in Mexico City where workers contained the reptile. The snake was believed to be a venomous green viper, and the airline is investigating how the snake got onto the plane.  View More
November 9, 2016 Tiffany

Youtube “Inflight Video” Offers Free Commercial Flights. At Home.

"Inflight Video" is a Youtube channel that provides full length, full flight videos in real time, from around the world. From aviation enthusiasts to people seeking relaxation and sleep therapy, many people seem to enjoy. The Emirates EK17 full flight video, Dubai to Manchester, uploaded 3 years ago shows more than 400,000 views. A great way to experience a full commercial flight without having to leave your house.  View More
November 7, 2016 Tiffany

After The Vietnam War, Farmers Repurposed Thousands Of Fuel Tanks Jettisoned By U.S. Fighter Jets To Create River Boats And Canoes

During the Vietnam War, U.S. fighter jets constantly screamed across the countryside. They were typically loaded with an arsenal of missiles and bombs, but they also had external fuel tanks to extend their range. When the tanks were dry, or the pilot suddenly needed more maneuverability, the heavy tanks were dropped. But just because they were discarded, doesn’t mean they weren’t still useful.  View More
September 22, 2016 Michael