Kevin Lee Co Spends $1M Of Stolen Money Playing “Game Of War”

Kevin Lee Co 1 million dollars Game of War-11
Kevin Lee Co, a 45-year-old California man, admitted in Sacramento federal court that, from May 2008 to March 2015, he embezzled nearly $5 million from his controller job at a heavy-equipment company called Holt California. He admitted in his guilty plea to spending "approximately $1 million" on Game of War. The strategy game sees players building empires with soldiers and attacking other players who are doing the same. The deeper you go, the more likely you'll shell out cash. Game of War's ...  View More
December 15, 2016 Tiffany

90-Hour Challenge: Couple Ned & Ariel Gets Locked With No Internet

90-Hour Challenge Ned Ariel no internet-6
The movie "Passengers" starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will be in theaters December 21st. The story is about a spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people. As a result of a malfunction in its sleep chambers, two passengers are awakened 90 years early. As part of the film promotion, Ned and his wife Ariel have tried the “90-Hour Challenge” where you lock yourself in your house for 90 hours with no TV, no phone, and no internet. Best week ...  View More
December 8, 2016 Michael

“Vapen Clear” Introduces The “Weed Inhaler”

Vapen Clear Weed Inhaler
The Vapen Clear Inhaler is a pharmaceutical grade pressurized metered dose inhaler that contains 1,000 mg of medication per canister. Each cartridge packs 100 puffs per cartridge; each puff delivers 10mg. The use of aerosol as a delivery method is a more effective way to medicate than smoking or vaping since very little is exhaled. There is also little to no smell when exhaling, making it more discreet. Independent laboratory tests show Vapen Clear products contain up to 99.52 percent total ...  View More
December 1, 2016 Joshua

“DistractaGone” Is A Smartphone Isolation Box To Combat Your Addiction And Help You Focus

Many of us are addicted to our smartphone. Although we often acknowledge the problem, we don’t seem to act. Can’t we just put away our phones when we have to work, study, go to a restaurant, watch a movie, have a coffee, read a book, watch a game or have family time? We wish it was easy, but there’s always an excuse. Let’s face it: we all get too distracted. DistractaGone offers a simple solution for you and for those around you.  View More
September 20, 2016 Megan