Nicole Kidman Evolution From Teen Modelling Photos To Stunner

Nicole Kidman teen modelling photos to stunner-7
Nicole Kidman has become known as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. The 5’11” stunner commands attention wherever she goes. Be it in one of her blockbuster hits or simply walking down the street, people always stop and take notice. But Kidman didn’t always look exactly like the gorgeous creature we have come to know and love. Unlike some stars who look the exact same decade to decade, Nicole has undergone drastic changes over time, rendering old photos of her almost unrecognizable. ...  View More
December 19, 2016 Jason

Peter Lindbergh 2017 Pirelli Calendar: A-list Actresses, Naturally.

Peter Lindbergh 2017 Pirelli Calendar
After a 2016 edition photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Pirelli has hired German fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh for their 2017 legendary calendar. Generally filled with top models, the item is offered to VIP customers of the Italian tire company along with politicians, royalty and other influential persons. But it looks like the Annie Leibovitz’s Pirelli revolution has stuck. Instead of models, Peter Lindbergh chose actresses who he says have played an important role in his life. They are: ...  View More
November 29, 2016 Jessica