New Ultra-realistic Illustrations Focused On Pokemon Zoology By Joshua Dunlop

joshua dunlop realistic pokemon-20
London, UK-based artist Joshua Dunlop has created a series of illustrations called 'Pokémon Zoology' that portrays some of the most popular Pokémon out there into what they’d actually look like if they’d be living, breathing creatures. From Joshua Dunlop: 'I originally sketched out some rough ideas in Photoshop, using real life animals as reference. Once I was happy, I used a 3D program called 3D-Coat to build and texture the model. I then brought the model into a rendering program called ...  View More
June 8, 2017 Michael

Nobuhiro Nakanishi Mesmerizing Landscape Sculptures Based On Layered Photographs

nobuhiro nakanishi layer drawings-4
Nobuhiro Nakanishi produces beautifully mesmerizing atypical landscapes. The Osaka, Japan-based artist creates the works, which he called “Layered Drawings,” by photographing a scene over a period of time. He then laser prints each image and mounts it to acrylic. Subtle changes emerge in each frame, and once they are layered they portray an untraditional landscape. As a viewer walks passed the work he or she experiences, to some degree, the passing of time within this particular place.  ...  View More
June 7, 2017 Jessica

Jean-Pierre Weill Paints On Multiple Levels Of Glass To Create Stunning 3D Paintings

jean-pierre weill 3d paintings
When art has been around for thousands of years, it’s not easy to come up with something truly original. In 1992, Jean-Pierre Weill hit on an innovative idea: painting in three dimensions by arranging different parts of a single image on multiple levels of glass. Each painting includes several layers of glass separated by interior frames. The depth creates a game of hide-and-go-seek. Light and shadow create the illusion of movement. Jean-Pierre Weill discovered that he could use this ...  View More
May 29, 2017 Michael

“Optical Illusionism” 3D Drawings By Dutch Artist “Ramon Bruin”

Ramon Bruin Optical Illusionism 3D drawings-17
Ramon Bruin, born in 1981 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, is known for his 3D drawings. In 2012 Ramon made a worldwide breakthrough with his own invented style which he calls "Optical Illusionism" which is a combination of drawing and photography. The end result is a photograph of a drawing. The photograph is always taken from a certain angle, which makes the drawing come to life. The original drawing is always added inside the frame. The paintings and optical Illusion drawings are being shown and ...  View More
December 18, 2016 Jason

Artist Joshua Dunlop Creates New Series Titled “Pokemon Zoology”

Joshua Dunlop series Pokemon Zoology-10
Joshua Dunlop, a freelance concept artist living in London, has created a new series titled "Pokemon Zoology". It features amazing lifelike visuals of creatures from the animated series. His first three artworks are classics "Bulbasaur", "Squirtle" and "Charmander". Dunlop’s adoration for Pokemon began when at a young age, when he first received Pokemon Red for Gameboy. "After watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and seeing the fantastic creatures they had brought to life, I was ...  View More
December 12, 2016 Michael

The “Corporate Warfare” Project By Foreal Studio

"Corporate Warfare" is a self initiated and personal art project by Foreal, a young design studio based in Germany with a focus on illustration and art direction. The project intends to represent the power and impact of famous international brands through a striking series of 3D illustrations. Imagining a time when the major corporations rule the world and go to war, Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster create weapons and missiles in the colors of Google, McDonald’s, Adidas or DHL.  View More
November 7, 2016 Tiffany

Meet Saya: The Ultra-realistic Computer-generated Japanese Schoolgirl

Although her looks indicate otherwise, Saya is not your typical Japanese schoolgirl. Her parents, Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa, have big dreams for their beautiful daughter. They want her to play a character in a movie they are self-producing. Where will she find the time with all her schoolwork? Not to worry. Saya is only as real as the pixels on your screen. Her soft cheeks, lush, black hair and hazel-brown eyes are all computer-generated imagery.  View More
September 17, 2016 Joshua