Hilarious: Japanese T-Shirts with catchphrases in ENGRISH

Japanese T-Shirts in Engrish-13
'Engrish' is a form of English characterized by bad translation from Japanese by someone who is decent at translating vocabulary but has a poor grasp of English grammar. It tends to be a word-by-word literal translation with humorous results for native English speakers. The term 'Engrish' comes from the fact that the Japanese language does not have distinct L and R sounds. They do have a consonant that is roughly somewhere in between these 2 sounds, but whether this translates to L or R in ...  View More
March 13, 2017 Jason

Did Leslie Taylor take the most beautiful photo of Kyoto ?

Leslie Taylor Kyoto most beautiful photo-7
The city of Kyoto is no stranger to breathtakingly beautiful scenes. This is due to its many temples and sanctuaries as well as its unmistakable cherry blossoms. But recently one photograph has caught the attention of the internet for just how well he captured the essence of the city in one frozen moment. Leslie Taylor is a travel and landscape photographer based just outside of Tokyo, Japan. He has done professional photographic work for Japanese companies, and his work has been featured in ...  View More
March 9, 2017 Jason

BASIC HOUSE: Martin Azua’s folding house fits in your pocket

BASIC HOUSE Martin Azua folding house-9
It looks like a disco prop for a photo shoot, but Basque designer Martin Azua's experimental prototype for the Basic House is actually functional (and fun!). Though it's billed as a portable 'house', the Basic House is more like a cross between an emergency blanket and a tent. Made of metallic polyester, the lightweight structure folds neatly into a pocket when not in use. Take it out, and it reacts with body heat or heat from the sun to self-inflate and provide an instant shelter wherever the ...  View More
February 28, 2017 Megan

Blooming cherry blossoms make Kawazu city look like a pink dream

Kawazu cherry blossoms-11
If you’re sick of winter and ready for spring, head to Shizuoka’s Kawazu City, the host of one of Japan’s earliest cherry blossom festivals. As you might expect, the Kawazu trees aren't your average cherry blossom trees. Known as the Kawazu-zakura, this breed of cherry blossom tree has a reputation of flowering before all others. Another thing that distinguishes the Kawazu-zakura is its incredibly pink hue. You'll notice from photos that the trees in Kawazu have a much stronger ...  View More
February 20, 2017 Jessica

Akhil Suhas travels across magical NZ landscapes as Gandalf

Akhil Suhas New Zealand Gandalf Costume-4
If you’re on a road trip through the gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand, who better to guide you than Gandalf? That was the plan for photographer Akhil Suhas, who captured his travels through the country with the beloved Lord of the Rings character. Suhas is a 21-year-old student from India, who has been studying at the University of Auckland since 2013. He just graduated and decided to travel for 6-months around the beautiful country he’s been calling home. As he traveled, he realized that ...  View More
February 19, 2017 Jessica

Russian photographers AirPano amazing 360-degree aerial panoramas

AirPano 360-degree aerial panoramas-22
AirPano is a not-for-profit project focused on high-resolution virtual tours from a bird's eye view. AirPano has already photographed over 300 most interesting locations on our planet and it is the largest resource for 360° aerial panoramas in the world. There are about 3000 spherical panoramas on their website at the moment: 'Although we usually photograph from a helicopter, we also like to shoot from an airplane, a dirigible, a hot air balloon, and a radio-controlled helicopter', they write. ...  View More
February 15, 2017 Jessica

Expedition 196: Cassie De Pecol, 1st woman to travel every country

Expedition 196 Cassie De Pecol travel every country-12
Cassie De Pecol, a 27-year-old traveler from Connecticut, just became the fastest person to visit every country in the world. She is also the first woman to visit every sovereign nation. She left for her world tour in July 2015, and on February 2 she visited Yemen, the 196th and final country on her list. Her entire journey around the world took 18 months and 26 days, smashing the previous record of three years and three months. De Pecol is now completing the paperwork to be officially ...  View More
February 14, 2017 Jessica

Ice hotel ‘Hotel de Glace’ in Quebec is an architectural marvel

Hotel de Glace Quebec architectural marvel
Hotel de Glace is the only ice hotel located in North America. It is open from January 4 to March 26, 2017. Made entirely of snow and ice, this architectural marvel is a wonder to behold. Explore the beautiful Great Hall, chapel, ice slide, exhibitions and Ice Bar. You can spend the night in one of the themed suites (and get to use the outdoor spa and sauna) or try a delicious cocktail served in a glass made of ice. The Hotel de Glace is perfect for a wintry romantic retreat or a get-together ...  View More
February 11, 2017 Jason

Ussuri Bay, Russia: Vodka bottles return as colorful glass pebbles

Russia sea Vodka Bottle Glass Pebbles-8
The power of nature can often be surprising and none more so than a beach in Russia where dumped glass has been transformed into colorful pebbles. The Ussuri Bay used to be a dumping ground for old glass bottles and waste from a porcelain factory but the waves from the Pacific Ocean have rounded and polished the debris left behind. The waves of the North Pacific have washed the broken beer, wine and vodka bottles into millions of smooth and colorful “pebbles” that have turned the area from a ...  View More
February 5, 2017 Jason

Mesmerizing: Yik Keat Lee beautiful cityscapes of Singapore

Yik Keat Lee Singapore cityscapes-20
Yik Keat Lee is a 20 year old photographer who is upturning all the rules of the game! His photographs are a window to some of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world. This self-taught cityscapes and street photographer currently lives in Singapore, where he is also serving in the military. Young, enthusiastic and keen to break the accepted 'rules' of photography, Lee's photographs attempt to bring out magic in everything that is otherwise mundane. He travels extensively to click beautiful ...  View More
February 4, 2017 Jason
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