Viktoria Solidarnyh reveals real images behind surreal photoshops

Viktoria Solidarnykh images behind photoshops-3
Viktoria Solidarnyh is a Ukrainian digital artist who completely masters photo manipulation. She combines multiple images together to create mystifying scenes, with each of her images taking on a fairytale-like theme. And Viktoria is not afraid to reveal the secrets behind her creations by unveiling the original images she is combining in her artwork. If her compositions are not revolutionary, it is always impressive to understand the talent and technique hidden behind these images! Have a look ...  View More
March 6, 2017 Tiffany

DESERT X: Jennifer Bolande’s billboards advertise the nature around

Jennifer Bolande DESERT X billboards
As part of Desert X, an outdoor exhibition of art installations and site-specific works currently taking place across the Coachella Valley, Jennifer Bolande has installed a series of billboards that are camouflaged among the surrounding desert landscape: 'In a cinematic experience animated by driving along Gene Autry Trail, viewers will encounter a series of billboards featuring photographs of the very mountains towards which they are heading. Each photograph is unique to its position along this ...  View More
March 5, 2017 Tiffany

Yigal Ozeri paintings push photorealism to new levels of beauty

Yigal Ozeri paintings photorealism-19
New York City based Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri is best known for his large-scale cinematic portraits of young women in vast transcending landscapes. His near photo-realistic oil paintings convey the spirit of his subjects in a grand array of natural settings: from abundant rain forests to dreary deserts. Thousands of tiny brushstrokes animate his lifelike paintings, giving way to a remarkable realism, distinct beauty, and seductive power. Ozeri seizes fleeting moments and gives them life. As a ...  View More
March 1, 2017 Megan

Akie Nakata paints realistic, lifelike animals on smooth stones

Akie Nakata lifelike animals on stones-4
To Akie Nakata stones are not simply materials or canvases on which to paint pictures. When she looks at all those numerous stones on a river bank her eye will be caught by that one stone that looks like an animal. And when she finds that stone she feels the stone has also found her: 'Stones may fall outside our usual definition of living organisms, but when I think of the long time it takes for a stone to change from a huge boulder in the mountains to the size and shape it has, as it rests in ...  View More
March 1, 2017 Megan

JUST AN ILLUSION: Natalie Fletcher’s optical illusion body art

Natalie Fletcher just an illusion body painting-11
Renowned body painter Natalie Fletcher isn’t painting clothing on bodies, or camouflaging them in the real world (although she’s an expert at both), this time she’s created fantastically trippy illusions that obscure the true human form. Using her brush, she’s been experimenting with bright colors and black lines to create the kind of geometric illusion you’d expect to see on the printed page, but not on the human body. There is no digital enhancement of these images, ‘just an ...  View More
February 26, 2017 Megan

Melissa Nordan poetic photos of little ballerinas in flower skirts

Melissa Nordan Flower Skirts photo series-9
Mother of three and photographer Melissa Nordan portrays the essence of dainty little ballerinas with the help of her camera. In her frame, an endearing little dancer is seen to be posing in various ballet moves, the artist juxtaposing a flower on the ballerina’s poofy skirt. Melissa captures the beauty of the fragile flowers in full bloom and the subtle fierceness of the tiny ballet enthusiast in each frame of the series, her lens zooming in on the delicate petals and its green stem: 'I took ...  View More
February 9, 2017 Jason

Etsy artist Aubrey Stephens creates soaps that look like food

Aubrey Stephens soaps look like food-2
Aubrey Stephens is the artist behind the Etsy shop 'Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary' and she is creating soaps disguised as food that look so real that they'll make you hungry! Her bathtime creations range from wacky (creepily realistic severed fingers) to kitschy (assorted sushi you’d swear was the real thing) to downright delicious (her eggnog soap even smells like eggnog!). Her Etsy shop is part of a growing movement of handmade products empowered by e-commerce: 'Nowadays we're lucky that being ...  View More
February 8, 2017 Jason

Mesmerizing: Yik Keat Lee beautiful cityscapes of Singapore

Yik Keat Lee Singapore cityscapes-20
Yik Keat Lee is a 20 year old photographer who is upturning all the rules of the game! His photographs are a window to some of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world. This self-taught cityscapes and street photographer currently lives in Singapore, where he is also serving in the military. Young, enthusiastic and keen to break the accepted 'rules' of photography, Lee's photographs attempt to bring out magic in everything that is otherwise mundane. He travels extensively to click beautiful ...  View More
February 4, 2017 Jason

Body painting artist Emma Fay turns humans into realistic animals

Emma Fay Body painting humans to realistic animals
At first glance this image of a tarantula is realistic enough to scare an arachnophobe. But a closer looks reveals it is actually a woman, painted to look like a spider by concept body artist Emma Fay. Miss Fay, from Leicester, has created a series of illusionary images combining body painting with contortion: 'You get a brilliant response and people find it fascinating. There are lots of amazing body artists and I'm not the first to paint animals, but this is with contortionists. I've not seen ...  View More
January 30, 2017 Jason

Pedro Campos hyperreal paintings look like photographs

Pedro Campos hyperreal paintings-4
The hyper-real paintings of Spanish artist Pedro Campos shock the senses by giving mundane items a new lease of life. His subjects, often reflective in nature such as plastic-wrapped fruit, aluminum drink cans or glass marbles, possess an aura of glossy, sanctified perfection. There are elements of 'Pop' in Campos' still life paintings - his jars of brightly colored jelly beans would appeal to Wayne Thiebaud, while his large scale depictions of Coca Cola and Campbell's Soup cans bear a likeness ...  View More
January 27, 2017 Jason
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