Pastry chef Cedric Grolet’s playful, delicious Rubik’s Cube cakes

Cedric Grolet - Rubik cube cake-9
One thing is better than a mind-based puzzle, and that’s a puzzle made of cake. Pastry chef and general genius of baking, Cédric Grolet (2016 best pastry chef according to the Relais Desserts association), is getting loads of attention on the internet thanks to his snazzy Rubik’s cake. This appetizing geometric creation in tribute to the famous Rubik’s Cube is served in the Le Dali restaurant of the prestigious hotel Le Meurice, Paris. The Rubik’s cake is made of teeny cubes of cakes ...  View More
April 5, 2017 Jessica

MUKIMONO: Japanese artist Gaku’s carvings on fruits and vegetables

MUKIMONO Gaku carving fruit vegetable-3
Japan has a rich tradition of food carving called mukimono. If you’ve ever eaten at a fancy restaurant in Japan you might have found a carrot carved into a bunny, garnishing your plate. But in the hands of Japanese artist Gaku, the art of fruit and vegetable carving is elevated to a new realm of edible creations. One constraint to carving fruits and vegetables is that sometimes you must work fast. The moment a peel is removed, oxidization will start to discolor your artwork. So, depending on ...  View More
March 5, 2017 Tiffany

Pedagiggle creates magical space cake with a galaxy baked inside

Pedagiggle galaxy space cake-3
There's nothing more magical than outer space when you're a kid, so this mom decided to make her son the coolest space-themed birthday cake ever, and it's going to put all your childhood cakes to shame. Imgur user Pedagiggle showed off photos of the cake she made for her son's birthday, and from the looks of the outside, it doesn't look too much cooler than the ones you got custom made from the grocery store bakery as a kid. I mean it's blue, there's some planets, and the standard birthday ...  View More
February 23, 2017 Joshua

Marie Troitski’s sublime chocolate worlds on mirror glaze cakes

Marie Troitski chocolate worlds on mirror glaze cakes-15
Marie Troïtski is a pastry chef from Moscow, Russia who uses her experience in architectural design to create one-of-a-kind pastry creations: 'I was born into a family of architects. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother – all the architects. Of course, I was greatly influenced architecture during my adolescence. Many people are surprised that I was fascinated by the art of pastry, having decided to lose weight. First I cooked diet desserts for myself. I liked the cooking process. Then I ...  View More
February 18, 2017 Jessica

The Flaming Hot Cheetos Bagel has just arrived at The Bagel Nook

The Bagel Nook Flaming Hot Cheetos Bagel-9
After the rise of rainbow bagels other strange stunt-food bagels, it was only a matter of time before someone combined the fiery flavor of Flamin' Hot Cheetos with the classic bread rings. Whether you're ready or not, that time has finally come. Yes, Flamin' Hot Cheetos bagels are here. The Bagel Nook, the same maniacs responsible for the monstrous Oreo bagel and other insane Instagram-famous creations, unleashed the flamin' hot bagels over the weekend along with a new Doritos-flavored bagel. As ...  View More
February 8, 2017 Jason

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse introduces the California sushi croissant

Holmes Bakehouse California sushi croissant-8
Where else but California would two foreign foods liberals love consecrate into a heathen matrimony? Well, eat up, snowflakes: A bakery in California has concocted the California croissant, which is a sushi croissant and requires no further description because it’s exactly what you think it is. Still, to be more specific: It’s a croissant with a free-floating tube baked inside of smoked salmon, seaweed, ginger, and wasabi, and is sold for $5. The pastry also comes with a packet of soy sauce.  View More
February 8, 2017 Jason

What your choice of pizza toppings says about your personality

What pizza toppings say about personality-10
Pizza toppings are a very personal matter. Some people swear by sausage and others insist on mushrooms. Still others think the only way to go is a classic Margherita pizza. How you choose to play the pizza game definitely says a lot about you as a human being. For example, if you enjoy a plain cheese pizza, you are probably a people pleaser. However, if you order a pizza with pineapple, you tend to make very bad decisions. Find out more about what your favorite topping says about you according ...  View More
February 7, 2017 Jason

Lego-themed restaurant Brick Burger creates the first Lego Burger

Lego-themed restaurant Brick Burger Lego Burger-11
It’s one of the latest – and weirdest – additions to the Philippines’ culinary scene: the Brick Burger. It’s a rectangular beef burger in a bun shaped like a piece of Lego, and there are three, very intense, colors to choose from. The restaurant first opened its doors in August 2016, after owner Jergs Correa realized his dream of a fast food joint that would cater to Lego lovers. Customers can even see Correa’s original Lego model of the restaurant on display. Brick Burger’s head ...  View More
February 6, 2017 Jason

Meet ‘Funnie The Fundroid’, the beer-and-pizza delivery robot

Funnie The Fundroid beer-and-pizza delivery robot-5
Delivery robots are starting to hit the streets, but few do it with as much 'joie de vivre' as a new device called the Fundroid. The gender-neutral beer-and-pizza-fetching robot, lovingly nicknamed Funnie, debuted at the Software For Artists event in Brooklyn, New York. Funnie made its way to a nearby pizza store and bodega to order, pay for and deliver food and beverages to the guests at nonprofit foundation Pioneer Works, which hosted the event.   View More
February 6, 2017 Jason

Sydney ice-cream shop ‘i-Creamy’ creates beautiful Gelato Flowers

i-Creamy Gelato Flowers-11
i-Creamy Artisan Gelato offers some of the most delicious ice-cream in Sydney, but it’s not their award-winning creations or the predominantly Asian flavors that set them apart from the competition. It’s the way they serve their ice-cream that has everyone talking about i-Creamy and their beautiful gelato flowers. Instead of your usual one-scoop-on-top-of-another style ice cream, the store creates its ice creams in the shape of flowers, which quite frankly, are too pretty to eat! How do they ...  View More
February 4, 2017 Jason
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