New IKEA wedge dowel furniture snaps in minutes with zero screw

New IKEA wedge dowel furniture-10
IKEA has been a staple of home decor for decades now, but its furniture is as popular for being rage-inducingly difficult to put together as it is for being cute and functional. But this relationship test might soon be a thing of the past, as IKEA is rolling out a way for products across its entire furniture range to snap together in mere minutes. It’s all thanks to a new type of joint called a wedge dowel, which requires no allen keys, no glue, and can be taken apart and put back together ...  View More
March 7, 2017 Tiffany

BASIC HOUSE: Martin Azua’s folding house fits in your pocket

BASIC HOUSE Martin Azua folding house-9
It looks like a disco prop for a photo shoot, but Basque designer Martin Azua's experimental prototype for the Basic House is actually functional (and fun!). Though it's billed as a portable 'house', the Basic House is more like a cross between an emergency blanket and a tent. Made of metallic polyester, the lightweight structure folds neatly into a pocket when not in use. Take it out, and it reacts with body heat or heat from the sun to self-inflate and provide an instant shelter wherever the ...  View More
February 28, 2017 Megan

Charles Marville’s vintage photos of Paris fancy urinals

Charles Marville (1813 – 1879), was a French photographer, who mainly photographed architecture, landscapes and the urban environment. He used both paper and glass negatives. He is most well known for taking pictures of ancient Parisian quarters before they were destroyed and rebuilt under 'Haussmannization', Baron Haussmann’s new plan for modernization of Paris. In 1862, he was named official photographer of Paris. One of the his favourite topics were public toilets.  View More
February 13, 2017 Jessica

Designer Mariana Folberg creates amazing glow-in-the dark plants

Mar de Fe glow-in-the dark plants
Industrial designer ​Mariana Fernandez Folberg brings us the Lamp Plant. Basically, glow in the dark plants. Soon, you'll be able to buy them over at her Etsy shop: 'I made these evergreen glowing plants. The Botany world has always amazed me as an Industrial designer, each plant has its own unique aesthetics, these aesthetics serve a specific need or function. In making the Lamp Plant I decided to focus on the various types of leafs and their 'veins', the veins are cells that bring water and ...  View More
February 7, 2017 Jason

ALO: Star-designer Philippe Starck reimagines the smartphone

ALO smartphone Philippe Starck-9
French designers Philippe Starck and Jerome Olivet have unveiled a radical new concept for the smartphone of the future in partnership with electronics brand Thomson. The smartphone, called Alo, shuns the usual LED-backlit touchscreen, and instead projects 3D holographic images of messages, movies, or anything else the user might want to view. It’s completely voice-activated, and its “gelatinous” translucent housing is specifically designed to fit inside the palm of your hand.  ...  View More
February 7, 2017 Jason

Massive helix copper stairway at Denmark Experimentarium

Denmark Experimentarium massive copper stairway-7
The ‘experimentarium’, one of Denmark’s top science centers, has reopened with a striking new interior. Designed by architecture firm CEBRA, the scheme features a 100 meter-long helix staircase, built from 160 tons of steel and clad with 10 tons of copper. The impressive structure welcomes visitors inside the museum, before spiraling upwards, leading to each of the institution’s four storeys.  ...  View More
January 30, 2017 Jason

Asymptote: Adam Csoka Keller revisits Cold War fashion and design

Adam Csoka Keller Asymptote cold war fashion design-1
Asymptote is the outstanding result of an ongoing collaboration between Evelyn Bencicova (featured) and Adam Csoka Keller, a project aiming to explore, reflect and build a new perspective on life under the socialist regime by overcoming the stereotypes and false premises we are confronted with when learning and recollecting stories of a time which exists in our memory only through a narrow and filtered image of the past who most have not even experienced. The creators of the series describe it ...  View More
January 8, 2017 Jessica

Designer creates Adobe-inspired chocolate bars for job interviews

Designer Adobe-inspired chocolate bars-7
Brooklyn-based graphic designer "April Hansen" has created a sweet way to get the attention of potential employers and clients. She has re-designed the packaging of Ritter Sport chocolate bars to imitate the Adobe Suite's core design programs. She then uses them as a leave-behind after a job interview, or to send to firms she's applying to. Words have been added to the letters that are usually found on the software icons so that they spell out positive messages about her. For instance, the ...  View More
December 29, 2016 Megan

Intriguing mashups of everyday objects by Paul Fuentes

Paul Fuentes everyday object mashups-25
Paul Fuentes pop art mash-ups combine familiar objects in unfamiliar ways. In his pastel-backed photos, this Mexico City-based graphic designer puts beards on balloons, turns limes into LPs, and wraps sheep in sushi rolls. The result is the photo version of seeing your third grade teacher at the supermarket: out of place, but intriguing. "I use common objects, food, paint, water and ink with pastel colors background to give life to my creamy minimal pop art and sometimes useless creations. I’m ...  View More
December 25, 2016 Joshua

“Full Grown” company patiently grows trees into art and furniture

Full Grown grows trees into art furniture-4
Derbyshire-based furniture designer Gavin Munro has come up with the ultimate environmentally-friendly way to create stunning household furniture - by letting Mother Nature do all the hard work. Using ancient techniques combined with modern technology, he grows young trees into specially-designed plastic molds, pruning and guiding the branches into shape before grafting them together to form ultra-tough joints. Chairs, Tables, Sculpture, or anything you can imagine, each piece is unique, ...  View More
December 22, 2016 Jessica
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