The stunning 747 Wing House in Malibu is made from a Boeing 747

747 Wing House-11
The 747 Wing House is a unique residential structure designed from the wings of a decommissioned Boeing 747. Located in the Ventura County portion of the Santa Monica Mountains, northwest of the city of Malibu, California, the house has been widely publicized internationally because of its unique design, its sustainable use of recycled materials, the dramatic transportation of the wings to the building site that was completed by a truck and helicopter, and its creative repurposing of abandoned ...  View More
February 13, 2017 Jessica

Charles Marville’s vintage photos of Paris fancy urinals

Charles Marville (1813 – 1879), was a French photographer, who mainly photographed architecture, landscapes and the urban environment. He used both paper and glass negatives. He is most well known for taking pictures of ancient Parisian quarters before they were destroyed and rebuilt under 'Haussmannization', Baron Haussmann’s new plan for modernization of Paris. In 1862, he was named official photographer of Paris. One of the his favourite topics were public toilets.  View More
February 13, 2017 Jessica

Ice hotel ‘Hotel de Glace’ in Quebec is an architectural marvel

Hotel de Glace Quebec architectural marvel
Hotel de Glace is the only ice hotel located in North America. It is open from January 4 to March 26, 2017. Made entirely of snow and ice, this architectural marvel is a wonder to behold. Explore the beautiful Great Hall, chapel, ice slide, exhibitions and Ice Bar. You can spend the night in one of the themed suites (and get to use the outdoor spa and sauna) or try a delicious cocktail served in a glass made of ice. The Hotel de Glace is perfect for a wintry romantic retreat or a get-together ...  View More
February 11, 2017 Jason

Back in the USSR – Architecture of Waiting series by Peter Ortner

Peter Ortner Back in the USSR Architecture of Waiting bus stops-5
'The often very extravagant design of these bus stops, however, is not commonplace and is therefore remarkable. The unorthodox construction leads to a shift in expectation and reality. While we often associate socialist architecture with gray, prefabricated buildings, looking at these forgotten relics evokes a different, perhaps new perspective. It is about taking a closer look at architectural history and overcoming established stereotypes. Based on this genre of architecture, it is evident ...  View More
February 7, 2017 Jason

Cliff Haven: An eco-friendly hidden home built inside a Utah cliff

Utah Cliff House
If 2016 has you ready to flee to the desert and hide in a bunker, may we present to you a rad place to hunker down: Cliff Haven. Located in Southeastern Utah, the three-bedroom, two-bath house sits on 12 acres and comes with all the modern amenities you’d expect—WiFi, a detached 2-car garage, and Amazon delivery, for example. But that’s where the similarities to urban life stop. Unlike your average tract home, the 2,100-square-foot, energy-efficient house was built inside a cliff. Similar ...  View More
February 6, 2017 Jason

Mesmerizing: Yik Keat Lee beautiful cityscapes of Singapore

Yik Keat Lee Singapore cityscapes-20
Yik Keat Lee is a 20 year old photographer who is upturning all the rules of the game! His photographs are a window to some of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world. This self-taught cityscapes and street photographer currently lives in Singapore, where he is also serving in the military. Young, enthusiastic and keen to break the accepted 'rules' of photography, Lee's photographs attempt to bring out magic in everything that is otherwise mundane. He travels extensively to click beautiful ...  View More
February 4, 2017 Jason

Massive helix copper stairway at Denmark Experimentarium

Denmark Experimentarium massive copper stairway-7
The ‘experimentarium’, one of Denmark’s top science centers, has reopened with a striking new interior. Designed by architecture firm CEBRA, the scheme features a 100 meter-long helix staircase, built from 160 tons of steel and clad with 10 tons of copper. The impressive structure welcomes visitors inside the museum, before spiraling upwards, leading to each of the institution’s four storeys.  ...  View More
January 30, 2017 Jason

Time Machine: Balint Alovits series on Budapest spiral staircases

Balint Alovits Time Machine Budapest spiral staircases-9
Balint Alovits was born in Budapest in 1987. Graduated from Metropolitan University in Budapest with a Bachelor’s degree in photography in 2014. His photographic work is simple, precise and airy and most of his projects are based on spatiality. These are the main characteristics of his point of view, both as a fine art and a commercial photographer. He likes discovering unknown places, looking for the pure aesthetics and harmony in nature and built environment, especially interiors. The Time ...  View More
January 29, 2017 Jason

Asymptote: Adam Csoka Keller revisits Cold War fashion and design

Adam Csoka Keller Asymptote cold war fashion design-1
Asymptote is the outstanding result of an ongoing collaboration between Evelyn Bencicova (featured) and Adam Csoka Keller, a project aiming to explore, reflect and build a new perspective on life under the socialist regime by overcoming the stereotypes and false premises we are confronted with when learning and recollecting stories of a time which exists in our memory only through a narrow and filtered image of the past who most have not even experienced. The creators of the series describe it ...  View More
January 8, 2017 Jessica

Tel Aviv “White City” has the most Bauhaus buildings in the world

Tel Aviv White City Bauhaus buildings-1
The "White City" in Tel Aviv refers to a collection of over 4,000 buildings built in a unique form of the Bauhaus or International Style in Tel Aviv from the 1930s by German Jewish architects who immigrated to the region after the rise of the Nazis. They based their new architecture for the city on teachings from the renowned Bauhaus art school, which ran between 1919 and 1933. Most of the structures feature elements typical of Modernism – like undecorated surfaces, ribbon windows, flat roofs, ...  View More
January 1, 2017 Michael
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