A woman has been spotted in Japan wearing these PIGEON SHOES

woman Japan PIGEON SHOES-2
One Japanese woman was spotted wearing these pigeons shoes in public, and after photos of her extravagant footwear appeared on the internet everyone started asking 'why?'. Given the trends of nowadays fashion, however, don’t be surprised if these bad boys rise from the streets of Japan to the ...  View More
May 26, 2017 Michael

3D-printing robot by Apis Cor prints a small house in 24 hours

3D-printing robot by Apis Cor-13
Using a 3D printer to build a house is not entirely new, but pieces have always been built in a large facility. Rather than assembling pieces printed elsewhere on a site, Apis Cor has created the very first 3D-printed house using a mobile printer on-site. Printing the self-bearing walls, partitions, ...  View More
March 4, 2017 Michael
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